Help make the Game!

Bad Neverland is completely open to new content and suggestions, and it is really easy to do! Just write text you’d like us to put in the game and send it to us! Or email address is:

You can also message us anonymously on:

What kinds of things do you want in the game?

  • Write new sex scenes, characters, and locations!
  • Send in your kinky fetish ideas! Anything goes! (Except scat)
  • Submit new enemies and kinky weapons!
  • New creatures, scenes, and hot sex!
  • Your deepest fantasies!
  • Create new enemies using our easy template! (Link to download)

All you have to do is write the text as you want it to appear in the game! It’s that easy! Then send it in with your suggestions and we’ll try to do it! We can’t do everything, of course, but we’ll give most things a go!

So, if you want something done right, write it yourself!


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