Major Update! Trophies! Achievements! More!

Bunnies everywhere! You can now get a quest from the bunny warrens in vanilla mode that allows you to taint the community college! Make those students into bunnies! As well as opening up the Bunny quest to vanilla players, we have also made it a LOT bigger! If you have ever wanted to dig a hole in the park, but didn’t want to turn on shota content, now’s your chance!


You can now type “Ach” or “Achievements” to see your in-game achievements! Why not suggest some more?


Trophies are a cool new feature of Bad Neverland that you usually get as part of a unique sex events! Once you have a Trophy, you can reply the event by looking at the item! Go check out your trophies in your inventory right now and see which ones have events attached to them. 

Fast Travel

It works again! And now you travel instantly! Check it out! We will be adding a lot more stuff to this as we go along.


We’ve added a huge amount of stuff to the game, and fixed so many bugs!

Future Plans!

We are working on a new tainting quest for the lions! Soon you will be able to talk to the prince of the big cats for a whole new quest! 


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