Potion bug fixed! XP bug fixed!

Hey guys! Little double update! Thanks to Lil’edals sending us in text-dumps of bugs in action, we have managed to work out the causes of both of these awful bugs and fix them! Potions now heal you and you can now acquire XP properly! Thanks a lot Lil’edals! The update is now live!

What was happening

For some time we have been hearing from players that they were drinking potions, but that they potions did nothing! We couldn’t work out what was happening as potions were working fine for us (typing ‘drink potion’), but after seeing copy-pasted text showing the bug in action, we worked out that players typing “use potion” were actually triggering code meant for eating food items instead of the ‘drink potion’ script we had tested.

We also heard that XP was acting oddly, but until we saw Lil’edals’s copies of the bug in action we had no idea that every time you fought certain foes it would reset you XP to the amount you gained instead of increasing it! Whoops.

How you can help

Want to submit a bug, but don’t know how? Easy! Just send copy the bug in action to BadNeverland@gmail.com

Sending us a text with the bug actually happening makes things a lot easier as without it we can’t see exactly what is triggering it and probably won’t be able to guess where the bug is or what’s causing it!


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