Content Everywhere!

We have been working hard this month and boy do we have a serious update for you!

Brand new areas!

  • A large new park with a kinky secret! (Near Stag Woods)
  • A completely revamped hedge garden! (Near Stag Woods)
  • The stag-tribe camp is open!
  • Take a bus from the town to the new beach and find the new kinky sex-dungeon (in progress)!
  • A brand new encounter in the new park!
  • A brand-new use for the kidnapping bag!
  • At least four more magazines to collect!

Revamped Content!

  • The bunny mission has been mostly rebuilt for vanilla non-furry mode!
  • You can now see where the buck goes with his new friend!
  • The steamy window in the town square has changed! Spy in on the towns new porn studio!
  • That awful maze is now a well-designed hedge garden! (With Puck and Billy)
  • Nipper now has a bunch of content!


Suggestions Added!

We’ve added a pile of player-made content to the game! Send us yours and we’ll add it in!


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