Hyperlinks are Online!

Bad Neverland just got a major update and overhaul! You can now play a large part of the game by clicking hyperlinks! Check it out over on our download page! 

It’s taken months to put in place, but we really think this is going to be a major new development for the game! Give it a go and see. 


2 thoughts on “Hyperlinks are Online!

  1. Cool update! It’s nice being able to see exactly what you are able to interact with at any given time. Where there any new scenes added? I’m asking just to save myself time of scouting out anything that might be new haha. Anyways, great work!

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    1. Hi Silica! I’m really glad you like it! There is one major new scene where you get to throw Jackie into the ‘Giving Tree’, but I’m afraid it took such a massive amount of effort to get hyperlinks working that there there wasn’t time to add much else this update! The good news is that we now have an epic backlog of submissions, so next update should be really awesome!


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