Huge Gameplay Update

The Bad Neverland team has made some major changes over the last month, not least of which being our brand new Patreon Campaign! We have been working really hard to make the game a whole lot better, including:

  • A brand new hyperlink combat addon!
  • Brand new weapons!
  • A Brand new mystery start location!
  • Sped up the transfer to start locations!
  • Reshuffled the city and made it a bus location!
  • Improved the tutorial!
  • Fixed the Kidnap bag script (no new victims added)
  • You can now take off all your clothes by saying ‘strip’ or ‘get naked’!
  • No more lag when selecting genders!
  • A recurring bag of gems! But where is it, and Where will it appear next?
  • Numerous fixes!
  • A brand new game menu!
  • Map versions are now archived for players of older versions of the game!! Click here for more info!

And that’s not all! We now have a new Online Version of Bad Neverland Up and ready to play thanks to the awesome people at Yaoihaven! For our next update we are moving right back to solid porn with a a new starting story for the scout camp, a continuation of the Bobby Buck quest, and so much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Have a go at the online game! Look us up on Patreon and pledge a dollar or two help us make this a full-time thing!


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