Little Mini Sidebar Update

We’ve been hearing back from you guys that the Jungle area is confusing, so we’ve fixed it and added a sidebar! I hope you like the new and improved game! Here’s some other stuff we have been doing:

  • Brand New Navigation Sidebar!
  • Rambling Road (East of town) now has several naughty bedroom scenes to spy on!
  • River Road (South-West of Town) has a noisy cottage to peek at!
  • Fixed some descriptions and improved some scenes!
  • Fixed some hyperlinks! (Please report bad ones!)

Thanks a lot to all our Bad Neverland Patreon contributors and everyone who has sent in scripts for us to add to the game! We are still working on adding sex scenes for Jackie and Katie, and we are part way into adding a huge new quest that we think you will all like very much!

Don’t forget that Bad NEverland is now archiving maps! Check out the latest one here!


9 thoughts on “Little Mini Sidebar Update

  1. Found a another bug ^_^ if you “play” with Charlie & you pick all the options except force, then back out and then try again you only get the option the leave.

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    1. You can get one right away if you start at the Scout Camp and talk to Jackie or Katie! The Scout Camp is the Easy start mode because it is more complete than the Jungle Palace. I hope that helps.


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