Happy New Year!

Uuuuhurgh. Where’s the coffee? D: Somebody get me an ice pack!

Well, we are just coming back up from being majorly ho ho hungover, but we are working solidly on the game! A major new writer has just handed us an absolutely steamin’ hot fifty-seven pages of solid porn! Yes, really! And there’s more on the way! So hang on tight, because Bad Neverland is about to get an utterly gigantic new sex quest. It’s going to be a little while in the coding stages, of course, but it will be absolutely amazing when it’s done. Major props to our new writer, and (of course) all our other writers and Patreon supporters as well. Don’t worry, we will keep you posted on the new quest! 

Sidebar Update

We are getting a lot of feedback about our brand new sidebar! Most people really like it, but it seems it still needs a few tweaks! Some people seem to be having a very odd problem where they click a link and end up in the inventory…. somehow… 😉 Sorry about that! We’ve been tweaking the bar to try and fix that, but until we know it works it’s going to be off by default. Don’t worry, we’ve put a button in the main menu to let you turn it on if you want it! We have also fixed a few bugs to do with Bobby Buck and the wolf woods!



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