Gameplay Update!

The new major quest is still in the works, and it’s quickly developing into a full-on plotline for the game! We are fast going beyond our original script and are already creating a followup, so we’re declaring it open season for anyone who wants to write random sex scenes for a red velvet sex club or dormitory!

But in the meantime we have been listening hard to your bug reports and suggestions and have made some radical new updates to gameplay. They’ve taken a long time to finish, but here you are! Updates include:

  • Speed boosts!
  • A brand new navigation bar that replaces the sluggish sidebar!
  • Totally revamped the inventory!
  • Improved the hyperlink bar!
  • Shiny Stones now work properly! We hope!
  • Fixed a bug that prevented descriptions!
  • Simon Frost is now FIXED!
  • No more need to pick up shiny stones!
  • Completely rebuilt the transformation system.
  • The ‘Wait’ command should work now, but we need feedback.
  • Orgies are now counted separately to sex in the ‘self’ menu!
  • Many Bug fixes to the Park and the road to the South of there.
  • Many more fixes all around the game
  • Katie now gives you the fast travel map as well as Jackie!

And much more! We aren’t done improving gameplay, so do tell us if you find anything wrong, even a spelling error, and where we can find it! As always, thanks a lot to our testers, writers and our Patreon Supporters! You are all wonderful!


2 thoughts on “Gameplay Update!

  1. Nice. Just a few question and some comments though. First, do any of the major quests go any farther than before? The wolf raid and the bunny raid both seem to just be “lead group to location x”, and then no real follow up. Also, is there any more interactivity for followers or do they still just follow you around and give you the map?

    Lastly, some scenes still can’t decide whether they have male or female actors. The first gobbling tree scene and billy are the ones I’ve specifically found so far where there are times where the writing talks about the characters in question as both boys and girls.


  2. Thanks for the input. 🙂 At the moment they don’t go any further, but at the next update we are hoping to change that! The Bunny Quest is going to be the start of a brand new major quest that will take you to the City and eventually give you your own harem, which will be one of the big quest hubs we are planning for the game. We are going to make this quest a whole lot more interactive than the others with a proper plot and plenty of different ways to finish it. But after that is where things are going to get really interesting! The new quest is going to open up a huge new mission hub in your own private harem! We have a lot of fun things planned for that and we hope it will be a major part of the game’s plot.

    The followers are still quite limited, though you can go swimming with Katie or buy them icecreams in town. They are definitely on our list of things that need to be improved and we already have a few things planned for them that will make the game feel more alive.

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with Billy, and the tree! I’ll have a look at them tonight and see if I can find the rogue gender tags. Unfortunately that does happen sometimes. 😛 In any case, I hope I’ve helped answer your questions. We’ll make sure everyone knows when the new major update happens!


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