New Mini Quest!

Hey all, thanks for being so patient with us! It’s been a rough few weeks, but we have finally finished a testable section of the new quest! It’s been hard work getting it playable, but now it’s time to take a look! This update adds only a taste of the new quest that’s coming, but we all hope you’ll like it. 

Not only have we added three new sexy sexual encounters, but we have also rebuilt the whole Bunny Club Quest so you can do it all in one day! There’s no more waiting around to see the results either, so you can watch the whole show by pressing enter. We have also added a bunch of other updates, including a new hair color system! But now on to the new quest!

How to get to the new content!

This one is a lead on from the Bunny Club Quest. To get started, just wander over to the forest East of the Town and start the Bunny Club Quest. Once you have popped up in the campus, push a certain someone down the holes and go back to the Bunny Club base pronto! The new mini-quest starts there and will take your right up to the beginning of the new major quest in the Suburbs! The new quest stops there I’m afraid and you won’t be able to get into the house yet as we are still working on it. Anyho, the new map is now available so have fun playing and tell us what you think! We’re building the insides of the house right now so it’s on the way. Thanks again to all the people who wrote in with scenes, scripts, suggestions and to everyone who donates on Patreon! You guys have all help us an amazing amount and have all helped make Bad Neveland better! 😀





8 thoughts on “New Mini Quest!

    1. That’s right. We were going to plow through and finish it all in one go but we realised we were keeping people waiting, so we’re releasing an unfinished chunk of that quest that takes you very close to the big part. I hope you like it even if it isn’t quite done yet!


  1. Just gotta say, I love this game, especially thanks to the shota. It’s such a rare thing to encounter in games like these, which is understandable really, but nevertheless it still makes me want to see more.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next after I brought Noah home!

    Some things I noticed:

    1. I was wearing Billy’s costume to get Puck to fuck me. After that was done, I change into Simon’s Camouflage pants for the heck of it. Somehow the game said that I took off the Town Square N?

    2. I chose to have the game show mostly gay scenes, since I like to play as a gay character. After helping Bobby Buck get the boy from the park, I visited him at his home. It says boyfriend at the start, but somehow changed into a girl after that. Dunno how that happened…

    Anyway, I have a question: I’m playing the offline version and I can’t seem to level up. I’m already at 120/50 xp yet whenever I type “level up” the game says that I don’t have enough xp. Help please?


      1. No worries haha. At least you replied, so I don’t mind. I know that you guys are working hard on this so I’m looking forward to whatever else you guys may add to this game 🙂

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