Nipper and friend!

Things are really starting to heat up in Bad Neverland! We’ve got not one but TWO new encounters with Nipper for you, as well as a tainting for Jackie and numerous bug fixes and many other things! Here’s the full list of new features! Or you can just go and play it right now!

  • Two brand new encounters for Nipper!
  • Jackie can now be tainted! (talk to him in the Wolf Woods after starting the wolf quest!)
  • If you are tainted the game will now tell you!
  • Tweaks to level-up system!
  • Non-anthro vanilla version of the dog boy for regular non-furry players! Introducing the native teen, who has now been rebuilt to work for all sexualities and genders! No more furry content in vanila mode! Yay! (Tell us if we missed any!)
  • Unlimited Magic Kidnapping bag! One bag is all you need to catch Nipper and a million horny natives or anthro dogs! (More people to catch on the way!)
  • Clothing fix for pants!
  • Bunny Guard & Sex Club Guard Hyperlink Fix!
  • Bunny and sex club quest fixes!
  • Native guards hyperlink fix!
  • New easier shop entrance system!
  • Fixed hyperlink bug with city ticket machine.
  • You don’t have to go to a special room to use the town ticket machines anymore!

Note: we didn’t have time to add sex for Jackie yet, but it’s coming soon! In any case, thanks again to all our Patreon supporters, writers, helpers, suggesters, and players! We are so grateful to all of you all for coming together to make Bad Neverland something really special!


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