Minor Bugfix Update!

Hey gang! We’ve been working hard to mash those bugs and we’ve come up with a minor update that fixes a lot of stuff that has gone wrong! Plus you can now get loot in the Jungle! Here’s the details on all the changes:

  • Bunny Quest is now working properly again!
  • You now sometimes get Shiny Stones as loot from the Wild Jungle boy\girl!
  • Many, many, hyperlink bugfixes.
  • Follower bugs with Giant Cock in Wolf Wood fixed.
  • Fixes to Jackie’s tainting with the forest tribe
  • Fixed weird problems with periods and spacing fixed in Camp Tents.
  • Ruffled Leaves periods fixed
  • Odd Town Park bug fixed
  • Scout entrance error fixed.
  • Noah ‘refuse after sex’ chat fixed
  • Noah ‘what now’ public sex chatย fixed
  • Noah’s bag is now a quest item, so you can see it in the inventory!

Thanks a lot to all our testers and writers for spotting these and reporting where they were! Thanks as well to all our Patreon supporters and everyone who has been sending in hot scripts!


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