Bad Neverland’s ONE YEAR Anniversary!

Wow! It’s been exactly one year since Bad Neverland was released, and already the game has at least twice as much content! Much of it written by you! We’ve seen a whole lot of changes and improvements, and we are still going! So what have we got for you today that’s going to make our first anniversary extra special? Well of course we have an update for you! Go and check out the new content! But we are also launching the front page of our brand new shiny website! The whole thing is now up and ready to go! Check it out!

So, what have we got in this brand new release of Bad Neverland? Lets have a look!

  • Romers Academy major quest release! Lots to do! Our first look inside the building!
  • Futa Fetish Option added! Check out Puck down in the hedge garden to see it in action!
  • Passers by now react to you being naked, or wearing only one thing, in the town and city!
  • Brand new background scenes in the Jungle!
  • New scenes in the Willows Trees by the river!
  • Lots of new content that changes every time you visit certain places!
  • Brand new ‘Naughty Noir’ theme for the online game!
  • Completely fixed a huge bug that caused slowdowns and game crashes!
  • Freaky Frank is no longer an anthro fox in Vanilla mode. (Thanks for spotting that guys!) Our favorite bear will be staying bear shaped though, don’t you worry!
  • Named the Village in the game! After an actual place!
  • Fixed a nasty bug in the costume room! Typing ‘take all’ in there no longer makes the game give up!
  • Started getting rid of the annoying blank ‘Action:’ tags at the end of certain scenes. Tell us if you see one and it’s gone!

Check out the NEW MAP here!

It’s been a big sexy update! But what have we in store for you all in the coming year? Lets take a look!

  • A fully working dirty sex-based quiz show, at last!
  • A bigger better version of Romers!
  • Turn Romers into your own kinky sex club!
  • Working Porn Studio! Earn Money!
  • A kinky Theater! 
  • Other huge areas full of sex!
  • Many many new characters and sexual encounters!
  • More fetishes!
  • More sex!
  • Sex!

It’s going to be another year of hard messy work and I hope you all enjoy what’s coming soon, because I know we will! Finally, I’d like to thank every single writer who has sent in scripts, everyone who suggested something to make the game better, and all of our Patreon supporters who are really giving us the time to code the game!

And lastly, of course, thanks a lot to all our thousands of players! Yes, thousands! We have had over 78544 total unique daily visitors to the blog since the game launched last year! And we get about a thousand a day now! This game is for all of you, and we hope you have all enjoyed it, and carry on enjoying it! Here’s to another year of naughty fun!


6 thoughts on “Bad Neverland’s ONE YEAR Anniversary!

  1. To Whom it may Concern, WOW!!! Such an amazing update with so much great content, just a couple of things that seem not to be working. You wrote there is a scene at the willow streams? There doesnt seem to be anything there? Is this coming or an error.With the Tanner part of the quest once you speak to him and he runs off, I cant get into the school the secret entrance isnt coming up (i.e. only way in is past the hustlers?) Why is this?Also ive walked around the jungle and havent seen anything new? Am I missing something? All in all so excited with things. Cant wait for thngs like the gameshow and the other stuff for romers.

    Thanks again for such an amazing game 🙂 Date: Wed, 18 May 2016 13:11:12 +0000 To:


    1. Hey there! Sorry about the bugs, that quest is very new after all. If you have talked to Noah or Sarah the secret entrance doesn’t show up, then sorry about that! In the Jungle the content should show up in the room descriptions, but if it doesn’t do tell me!


    1. Heye there! I’m sorry but save games are not compatible between versions because it would break new quests and prevent you seeing new content. For example, if we added a character who appears when you have finished a quest they wouldn’t show up. I’m afraid there just isn’t any way round this, or anything we can do as it is a hard coded feature of the beta that has to be there. Sorry about that! We do try to make it so that you can get back to where you were as quickly as possible and we will be adding cheat codes soon.


  2. You guys might want to think about a backup site for this, WordPress is notorious about deleting content they deem problematic with little to no warning. Would be a shame to lose such an amazing game.


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