Bugfix update!

Thanks all of you for sending in bug reports! We have cleaned up quite a few recently and are putting out a little release to fix some! We still need screenshots for the weird Romers parking lot bug some of you have been getting!

  • Leaked furry content in Romers has been cleaned up! Vanilla mode is safe once more! Sorry guys, when we transferred that NPC over from the Sleepover demo we forgot that they weren’t finished!
  • In the optional furry mode you can now turn Furry tainting off if you want!
  • Cleaned up a game freezing bug in Bobby Buck’s quest and tuned it to be faster and neater onscreen.
  • Health lost in the tutorial no longer carries over to the main game.

As always, thanks a lot to all our writers, suggesters, players, and Patreon Supporters! You guys are all helping us make the game the best it can be!

So what’s coming next? It’s the Porn Studio!



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