Reconstructing Romers

News Update

Hey all! We are working hard on the next release, and we’ve got some big changes going on! We are currently in the process of some massive improvements to the Romers mission and as of right now we have taken the whole thing apart and moved a lot of stuff around to make the mission work a whole lot better. You probably won’t recognize Romers when you next play it, it’s going to be that big a change! We have been listening to all your feedback and we have decided to take the mission stealth based, so you are gonna have to get your sneak on to get inside. The entire party has been moved right out of Romers and all the way over to the beach area, where it will be the major part of a new and improved quest! It’s been a lot of work to fix this up, but the result is going to be great! There is still a lot of testing and improving that needs to be done before we can give you a working update, but stay tuned! The next release is around the corner and it is going to fix some of the biggest flaws in the game! Thank you all so much for your patience, and thank you for reporting that glitch we had in the official Bad Neverland forum a little while ago, you may have prevented it getting corrupted! Thank you as well for all our writers and Patreon supporters! You guys are the ones who made  Romers and the beach party possible, and your help is what inspires us to keep building the game and keep trying to make it as good as it can possibly be!

(There is no new version just yet)

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