I’ve been a really ill

(Game Update!)

Well, it’s been a long time coming and a lot of hard work, but you can now get a lust tattoo in game! There’s even a little quest attached to it and you can design your own tattoo! Thank you all so much for your patience! As some of you know I’ve been very sick since New Years and have had to go in to hospital, but I should be ok now. Unfortunately, this means we haven’t been able to do as big an update as we planned, but we still have some good stuff for you!

Not only do you now have custom tattoos, but you can now buy cummy milkshakes from the local farm! Bangn’ Barn has a stall right out side of it and we hope that in a later update you will be able to take part in the ‘milking’ there. At the moment you can only buy milkshakes that change your age because we haven’t gotten the others working yet, but we are going to add more soon that let you change gender and even species!ย 

We’ve also fixed a few annoying bugs, especially that persistent one with Bobby, and have been working on the the new (unreleased) map system, so hopefully the google docs map will soon be redundant! As always, thanks to all our script-writers, and faithful Patreon supporters, you guys make Bad Neverland possible! Here’s the full list, and I hope you like it!

New Stuff:

  • Brand new Tattoo parlor!
  • Brand new cummy milkshake stall at the farm!

Background sex:

  • New peephole in Long Arrow Alley, Native Camp, Jungle.
  • A small new scene in wagging ferns (Wolf Wood) after you taint the scout camp. Press enter to see it!
  • Twisting Tails in Wolf Wood now has an extra scene.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Bobby Buck! The sex scene will play properly now.
  • Having sex with Tanner no longer sends you to the old Kitchen in Romers (in furry fetish mode)
  • Cleaned up a few bits of incest in Vanilla mode
  • Fixed Nipper still being in the park after you kidnap and put them in the tree.
  • Fixed the hard fetish menu to display options properly


Playย the new version of the game right now!


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