The New Hard Fetish Webcomic!


We don’t usually mention hard fetish content in the blog, but: attention gay shota fans! Bad Neverland is teaming up with some serious talent to bring you a brand new furry shota & yaoi webcomic with sexy nymphs, demons, and much more! Yes, an actual steamy full color webcomic, not a short one-shot! Check out the latest concept art for one of the main villains:

p1 Tiger.jpg

This is going to be the very first hot shota webcomic ever made! Our artist has already outdone the steamy front page we put up! But right now we are funding the entire comic out of donations to Bad Neverland! So to make this a regular weekly comic, we are going to offer open commissions to help fund it! For as little as $20 you can have your own panel in the comic where you will be able to describe a sex scene in detail! (as long as it’s gay!) You will be sent a full-size clean copy of the panel (without dialogue), and because the art is used in the comic, you’ll pay less than a third of what you would if you asked an artist directly! If you make us an offer, you’ll get even more! We also offer smaller budget commissions that don’t get as much priority. Want a boy with blue hair, or a specific kind of teenager, demon, nymph, or anthro? We can do that for $1! Want to add an entire character to the comic? We can work out a deal! The prices are all decided by how complex the scene and how big you’d like it to be. Obviously, some fetishes are off limits and you can’t take over the story, but other than that most things go! If you aren’t sure, it’s best to email us at to ask. Of course, if you just want to make a small donation to help us out we would love to have it! And if you don’t want to use Patreon, we are also on, where all donations are anonymous.

So what are you waiting for, shota fans? This magical land of sex needs your help!


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