In-game maps are finally here! (And lots of bug fixes)

(Game update)

Check it out guys! This is awesome! We have finally put together the map system for the game! It is only available in the offline download version for now, and it doesn’t have a big arrow to tell you exactly what room you are in, but it will make navigation a thousand times easier! We decided to leave out most of the hints and spoilers, but you can still find these on the main Bad Neverland map! The online version of the game will have everything except the maps because they run too slowly. Once again, a huge thanks to our faithful Patreon Supporters! We love you guys! Stay tuned for the next update when we will be loading down the game with new content, including a special shop just for size-play lovers! Yep, it is coming, and we hope you will be too now that you have a map to find all your content! 😀 Have fun, and if you have any trouble with the maps do let us know!

Version 0.680b

New Feature:

  • In-game maps!! It’s now a lot easier to navigate the game. (Only in the offline download version)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the dreaded ‘Run-time problem P60’ when leaving Creamy Shaft.
  • Ticket machines should no longer disable hyperlinks.
  • Finally remembered to move the slip-n-slide from Romers to the Beach House!  WOOO! Sorry for the wait!
  • Several spelling errors fixed!
  • Gender errors fixed! If you see someone called by the wrong gender, tell us their name, where they are, and what was said and we’ll fox them all! I mean fix them!
  • May have fixed the runtime error in Simon Frost’s house. Tell us if it is still there!

Directions fixed:

  • Going West from Kock Street will now properly take you to Carnival Entrance instead of a blank area! I don’t know how that wasn’t reported earlier!
  • Several directions in Wolf Forest fixed.
  • Removed unusable option to go North from Town Square N as it is too far to walk to the city!

Website updates:

  • Total overhaul of the forums! Including:
  • Brand-new instant chat! We’ll even have chat-rooms soon!
  • Sleek new features you’ll probably never notice or use!


Play the new mobile version of the game!


Download the version with in-game MAPS!

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