Still Hard At Work On The HALLOWEEN Update!!

(News post only)

So, who’s wondering why Bad Neverland is taking so long to update? 😀 “It can’t be just work getting in the way!” you might be thinking. Well, it partly is, but we have been using the time to plan and add something to the game that is going to knock your pumpkin costume off! That’s right! Freed from the need to compile something in a month, we’ve been working on a pretty huge update! We aren’t releasing just yet, but you wait! We’ve got a costume shop, a beachwear shop, and a dozen new background scenes scattered about the game! But that’s not all! We’re doing TRICK OR TREAT! That’s right! Your wonderful patience is going to pay off in a big way! Awesome new in-game event? CHECK! Decorations? CHECK! Cheeky pranksters? Wait, what? Nooo!

It’s going to be big! It’s going to be awesome! And if you make a suggestion right now we’ll probably chuck it in! Got a sexy Halloween costume idea? Just reply down here and we’ll add it right away! You can even write the description if you like! We’ll take festive ideas of any kind for our new Seasonal stores and stalls!


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