MEGA ULTRA Costume update!

(Game update!)

It’s out! It’s big! And it’s been coming for about a couple of months now, but we have finally reached a point where we can release the game! I am sorry it took this long, but we have been experimenting with a brand-new system that will eventually make most of the sex scenes hyperlink based! Our first version will be used for the Halloween update, which will be coming soon!

We have also changed from a per monthly to a per-update Patreon in order to be fairer to you guys! Starting with theย next release, we will not charge our supporters anything per month unless we produce a full-size update!ย This is better for you, and it should help motivate us as well!

So what have we got for you this update?

Version 0.681b

New features! New Mall!

  • If you start as a Scout you can now sleep in the sleeping bag in the Scout Tent!
  • The Swimsuit Shop has just opened at the beach! Check it out! It’s full of rad new items!
  • Interactive Vore scenes somewhere behind the Scout Camp… ๐Ÿ˜€
  • New Mall open in the City! Including aย Seasonal Costume Store with different stuff in almost every month! Send us your suggestions!!!
  • A second Cosplay Store with so many costumes you’ll probably never be able to choose!
  • POUNCE Fursuits with a range of fluffy costumes for fluffy costume lovers!


NEW Background sex!

We were focusing mostly on the Halloween Quest, but there’s quite a bit of new sex!

  • The bed shop in Town Square is closed down, but somebody is using the beds!
  • Sexy new scenes in Hedge Gardens entrance!
  • Way more hot vore, if you are into that and have it enabled!
  • A bunch more people will notice you are naked when you talk to them.
  • Corrupting the scouts just got better! A scene in the changing rooms!
  • More small scenes scattered about in various places.


NEW Costumes!

  • Loads and loads of new costumes, and improvements to several old favorites!
  • Anime costumes! Inuyasha, Black Butler, and the whole cast of Cowboy Beebop!
  • Film costumes!
  • Video game costume! (Singular!)
  • Fursuits! Be a costumed panther, monkey, or fox for the first time!


Bug Fixes:

  • About thirty grammar and text errors fixed in the Bunny Quest alone. Many, many more throughout the game! Way more than I can count! Quote any more errors to us on the forum to help us find it!
  • Improved command! If you press enter to look for more background sex, the text will now refresh instead of duplicating to make it easier to read!
  • Going West from the beach now properly takes you to Cat Meadow instead of an empty area called ‘Cat Medow’.
  • If you are wearing a strapon while you transform to male, it will now pop out!
  • Added line-breaks before most wearable items so that their descriptions are easier to read.
  • Scout master will no longer dump you on a blank screen after getting sassy with you!
  • You should no longer have any slowdown when leaving Cozy Tent for the first time! We are still not clear on why that ever happened but, believe it or not, it was something to do with the word ‘out’ being slower that one time in that one place…

Website fixes

* The forum has been completely updated and fine tuned! It now has a firewall and everything!

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