It’s The Haunted Halloween update!

(Game update)

Are you ready to be thrilled, spilled, and full of candy? Welcome to the brand-new Halloween Update! The town of Beaver Creek has just opened its first annual Trick-or-Treat maze in the National Park, and YOU are invited! There’s chaos galore and treats to be had, but watch out for the TRICKS!

All you have to do is start the fun from the Festival Platform and get too it! The Halloween event December 1st! So you better hurry! If you would like some tips on beating the maze, scroll down and highlight. 🙂 We also have a new map-free download version of the game for if you find them distracting. 😀 Thanks again to our wonderful writers, especially Twitchy who wrote most of the Halloween event! And, of course, all of our faithful Patreon supporters who help keep the game going! Now that’s out of the way, have a spooky time with the new Event! 

Play the new mobile version of the game!


Download the version with in-game MAPS!

Tips for beating the Maze

Highlight the white text below to to read!

General hints

Some areas of the maze give you candy about once every 3 visits, but one of them steals your candy at the same rate! You need to work out which rooms these are and hit them a lot. But watch out, time is critical and you need to finish the quests to win! The area that steals candy does nothing else, so you can just avoid it without any problems.. Different paths lead to the same area, so it’s these you have to watch out for!

Full Walkthrough

To get first place you must knock out at least some of the competition with tricks! You can do this by playing the Littlewing quest, getting the undies from the ghost, and then putting them into the tower and making a candy trail using at least a medium amount of candy. 

2 thoughts on “It’s The Haunted Halloween update!

  1. Which outfits will allow my to enter the event? I’ve already tried the werewolf and skeleton wizard costumes and keep getting this: “What’s this? A Skeleton Wizard [etc] Costume?! You can’t wear that to a Halloween event!!!”

    Settings: Age 14, shota-neverland, and everything but futa/long hair fetish.


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