Bug Reports

Bad Neverland is getting better all the time, but sometimes we mess up! Here’s how you can do something about it!

Reporting Rules! 🐞

For us to help we need to know the exact area it happened in! We also need to know how it happened, and so on, as well as what your in-game gender and fetishes are! It is no good just telling us you found a bug and not telling us where and how! A good bug report is “I found a busted hyperlink in the description of <Name of room>, here’s a screen shot!” Or perhaps “After Jackie gets tainted, the game keeps asking me if I want to taint him when I talk to him in Wolf Woods!”. Each area is spread over numerous files, so that exactness really helps us find the right line of code and fix it!

And bad bug report is “There’s a bug in your game, please fix it!” 😀 

Small Bugs 🐞

If you find a little bug in the game and don’t want to email us, you can just post it right here on the blog! Please do not post graphic sex scenes on the blog! :O  If find a spelling mistake or a person called the wrong gender you would like us to fix, all you have to do is copy the text, highlight the bit that’s wrong, and email it to us telling us exactly where you found it.

Big Bugs 🐞

For big bugs, email us at BadNeverland@gmail.com and make sure you send a screenshot if you can!

64 thoughts on “Bug Reports

  1. Location: Scout Camp, Wide Path.
    Attempted Action: Tried to talk to Scout Master.
    It said: Error – no text for Talk-Scout Master.

    This is how you do a report, short, direct and to the point. Though this is a real report, it also serves as an example report.


  2. Location: Harem Dressing room.
    Attemted action: Take all/ sometimes when clicking hyperlink for Costume wardrobe or underwear box.
    Afterwords game froze and no other actions are accepted although the interpreter actions work such as options or help.
    Furry on tentacle on
    male character


    1. Thanks. Could you tell me if you were using the online version or not? How long did you let the game hang before closing it? (This will tell us if it is a bug in the code, or a memory problem)


      1. With me, Romer’s back gate locks when I leave the school to go talk to Freaky Frank, I don’t think he had anything to do with it though. the problem is; the school locks itself behind you.


  3. Location: Twisting Tails
    Attempted Action: Clicking on the Cuddly Bushes
    Result: Displays the word “Actions:” but is otherwise blank

    Using the latest offline version, 0.671b.

    Talking to the Scout Master still results in the same error reported at the top of the comments. However, it also caused the directional hyperlinks to break as I moved around until nothing worked.


  4. Character: Gay male
    Fetishes on: Furry
    Using Online version

    I have a few that I noticed.

    Location: Bunny Holes
    Action: Telling the guards about the campus and not joining them
    Result: All hyperlinks stopped working until I was back in town

    Location: Jungle (don’t remember exactly where)
    Action: Fought a Jungle Boy and got 4 shiny stones
    Result: When I went to sell all my stones, I was told I had none.

    Location: Harem
    Action: talking to Lusty Guests
    Result: all hyperlinks stopped working until I got upstairs to Jazz

    Location: Porn Studio
    I believe it was the third time I looked, the paragraph starts out as all male, but then half-way through it suddenly starts describing as if one of them is female.

    Location: Rumpity Park (Bobby side-quest)
    Action: Agree to help Bobby and go and ring the doorbell.
    Result: When I come back to Rumpity Park the hyperlinks are; the gate, shorts, and horny people in the bush. The bush does nothing, it tells me the shorts belonged to the blonde and clicking on the gate tells me that the blonde wasn’t back and must still be in the woods with Bobby. I remembered doing this quest offline once before and thought that you saw Bobby take them, but I assumed you had taken it out or something so I headed to Deer Camp. I went to the location ‘Crude Shelters’ but there was not an option for ‘Bobby’s Shelter’.


    1. Thanks a lot! I’m still trying to track down the first two, but the harem, porn studio, and bobby should be fixed for next release. You should have got a big sex scene for Bobby!


    1. Sorry about that! Could you tell us which parts exactly are saying you are a boy? The main options you have in the studio should be for pegging at the moment but we are working on adding more choices specifically for female players in time for the next update. We did have some scripted, but it seems like they aren’t online yet!


  5. Well, like i said, in More scout tents, in lonely tent for Charlie (I played as a boy and girl), with frostyboy, they treat you as a boy too, after that i stopped playing as a girl , thanks for asking !

    I can know when the next update? I loved this game


    1. Thanks a lot, and well done for spotting those! I’ll try and get them fixed for the next release! It’s a lot of work making a game, but we’ll try and get the next one out for July.


  6. Sandy Bums
    I click on kids messing about
    and it pull up this A whole lot of kids are laughing as they run about, and some are playing a game where they bury a naked giggling boy of six-year-old who seems to enjoy the feel of sand pressing down all over his skinny little body ! Actions: screw buried boy

    I click on screw buried boy and this pop up You can’t see any such thing.


  7. Location: Hans Homer School Parking Lot

    After being sent from Frank to talk to Tanner [Frank refers to Tanner as “Tiger Princess Tanner”] and arriving at the back of the Parking lot to speak with Tanner. Talking to Tanner doesn’t seem to do anything, let alone advance the quest. Also, the Tanner in the Parking Lot appears as “Tiger Prince Tanner”.


    1. Hey there, thanks a lot! These are left over bits from when Tanner was attached to the Romers quest we should really have removed as they could potentially make the Beach Party quest unplayable. The Romers quest is empty right now so there isn’t actually anything to advance yet.


  8. you still have to get the slide from the school as of the last version haven’t checked this new version but seems all other beach quest items have been moved to beach just thought it was worth a mentioning unless this is intentional


  9. all Fetishes on. playing as boy. The beach Romers event has Noah show up after the rabbit kidnapping quest at the school ‘taints him’ even if you’ve never met Noah before nor been to town to complete that quest he acts like you have and your a friend of his.


  10. Hello!! I was trying to play the game on a tablet, and I keep getting an error that says the following:

    “Quixe run: gli_put_char: window has pending line request”

    What do I do to fix this?


  11. when starting a new character at the neko location it seems to have mistakenly turned on the incest, despite it not being on….

    Details: male charterer, all gay, fetish options: shota (whole game) (min age 12), Top preference if its applicable…


  12. of course. I’ll walk through step by step. Name character. Chooses male gender. Customize character.short hair,brown hair,white,mostly bisexual content. show hard fetishes.turn Neko on, be immune to Transformtion. turn on incest, hermaphrodite,long hair fetish,naughty tentacle monsters,watersports and feral. Turn on shota&loli, choose “only a small amount” and any lowest age and it still says shota/loli is off.


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