Happy Holidays 2017!

(News update only, no game release just yet!)



Hey gang, hope you are all having a great time! Right now the Bad Neverland in game Holiday season should be in full swing for any who want to play it! We have been taking a little break since Halloween to focus on our other work but things are going to pick up soon I promise! Not only that, but we are working on a brand new main plot for the game! ūüėÄ

In any case, happy holidays to all and to all a good night! By the time this posts both me and the boyfriend should both be back home with the parentals, fighting over monopoly and brandy and so on! I hope you all have fun while we’re gone and don’t get in any trouble, y’hear?

Lots of love, Mouse and Veros



The New Hard Fetish Webcomic!


We don’t usually mention hard fetish content in the blog, but: attention gay shota fans! Bad Neverland¬†is teaming up with some serious talent to bring you a brand new furry shota & yaoi¬†webcomic with sexy nymphs, demons, and much more! Yes, an actual steamy full color webcomic, not a short one-shot! Check out the latest concept art for one of the main villains:

p1 Tiger.jpg

This is going to be the very first hot shota webcomic ever made! Our artist has already outdone the¬†steamy front page¬†we put up! But¬†right now we are funding the entire comic out of donations to Bad Neverland! So to make this a regular weekly comic, we are going to offer open commissions to help fund¬†it! For as little as¬†$20 you can have your own panel in the comic where you will be able to describe a sex scene in detail! (as long as it’s gay!) You will be sent a full-size clean copy of the panel (without dialogue), and because the art is¬†used in the comic, you’ll pay less than a third of what you would if you asked¬†an artist directly! If you make us an offer, you’ll¬†get even more! We also offer smaller budget commissions that don’t get as much priority. Want a boy with blue hair, or a specific kind of teenager, demon, nymph, or¬†anthro? We can do that for $1! Want to add an entire character to the comic? We can work out a deal! The prices are all decided by how complex the scene and how big you’d like it to be. Obviously, some fetishes are off limits and you can’t take over¬†the story, but other than that most things go! If you aren’t sure, it’s best to email us at BadNeverland@gmail.com to ask. Of course, if you just want to make a small donation to help us out we would love to have it! And if you don’t want to use Patreon, we¬†are also on¬†hiccears.com, where all donations are anonymous.

So what are you waiting for, shota fans? This magical land of sex needs your help!

Happy Holidays 2016 from Bad Neverland!


(Game Update)

It’s finally here! It’s finally here! After all the drama last month, the Holiday update of Bad Neverland¬†is all wrapped up under the tree! Shall we sneak a naughty peek? Oh my! This year, for the very first time, Santa is¬†coming to Bad Neverland!¬†That’s right! Thanks to the shiny new Real Time system in the game, not only do we have lashings of¬†new content, but you can now go and visit Claus himself right in the middle¬†of the town!¬†

Just go to the stage in the town, or the new area north of City Block, to¬†activate the Festive Season! ¬†That’s right!¬†Not only does Neverland now have Real Time events, but they are optional as well! But is that it? No! Of course not! Bad Neverland has lots of new toys for you to play with! Check it out!

Major Upgrades:

  • Brand New Seasonal Content! Go to the stage in the NE corner of the town, or North of City Block to activate some Festive Cheer!¬†
  • Santa has arrived in the Town Square with three different presents for you to choose from!! (You must go to the stage first!!)
  • A whole new steamy encounter in the Pink Bedroom at the Beach party!
  • New embarrassed nude in the SW corner of the town square!
  • New bin in that same corner where you can find news articles about your quests! (Bunny quest and wolf quest already added! Beach is on the way!)
  • Bangin’ Barn is now OPEN! You can see some hot action going on in the stalls! Soon there will be a ‘milking parlor’ here as well…
  • New shop in the Bunny Camp! It’s full of cute¬†things.
  • New achievements for the Beach party!
  • Completely replaced the time system to allow seasonal in-game events! The original time system has been completely disabled. If you have trouble with the Bunny Quest not working, do tell us!
  • Added support for Location Images! These will appear in a later update! If you want to draw a location, get in touch! We are happy to have all your fan art, but remember¬†we are standing by our decision not to add sex images to the game!¬†

Bug Fixes:

  • The random encounter system has been optimized. This may have¬†sped up the game a little!
  • Fixed incorrect fetish content in the porn studio window and improved the scenes.
  • Frank no longer tells you to go see Tanner during the Romers quest.
  • Tanner is no longer hiding in the Romers parking lot
  • Failsafe added to Romers quest. (You now need Noah or Sarah to get through the gate)
  • Fixes to names and gender in pink bedroom.
  • Bobby buck is now in Rosy Flowers and the doorbell is in Rambling Road! You no longer have to go on a major hike to find it and get back!

Thanks again to all our Patreon Supporters in particular! We are still seriously in the hole what with the plumbing drama, but you guys have really come through for us and we would absolutely be so stuck if it wasn’t for all of you! We really appreciate you guys! All the¬†scriptwriters have been working like elves this year, and we love you guys as well. Bad Neverland wouldn’t be half the game it is without you all! From all the Bad Neverland team, we hope you have a happy, safe, and sexy xxx-mas! And a Happy New Year!

Play the New Version of Bad Neverland!


Bad Neverland’s Big Bad Beach Update!

(Release Update)

It’s finally here! After two months of hard work, tinkering, coding, and experimentation, the new update for Bad Neverland is finally out! Thank you all so much for waiting, it’s gong to be worth it! This is just stage one of a total revamp of the Romers campaign¬†that is going to make the quest 1000% better! It took a hell of a lot of work¬†but we have finally managed to take apart all of¬†the content you usually¬†find¬†inside Romers and rebuild¬†it as a huge huge party on the Beach!¬†That means that right now there is¬†almost nothing inside the Romers building, but stay tuned because we are going to use it to build¬†Bad Neverland’s first ever stealth mission!! ¬†So what do we have for you this time? Well lets see!


  • New start location! Start as a cat-eared Neko in a new village in the Savannah! The Nekos are humans with pointy cat ears and tails, and they are hyper sexual and
    ready to pounce!
  • Moved the party in Romers to the Eastern part of beach just past the nudist colony!
  • Lady Leather’s brand new Bondage Boutique has just opened in Smacky Street!
  • Added options for sexual dominance! Don’t want to be on the bottom? Don’t want to be on top? You can now tell the game! All fights have been set to respect this,
    and so has Prince Tanner but it’s early days for this option.
  • Brand new ‘test screening room’ at the porn studio showing a porn parody. Talk to the guy to screen your films here!
  • Fixes to the sex slaves in Highcock Tower! You can now talk to the one on the bed and the names and genders should be sorted out.
  • You can get into Cody’s room and see a very sexy scene.
  • Massively improved the teen bouncers at the Romers back gate! You should never have to pay them ever again! And if you do, you can get your cash back with a few
    randy natives!
  • Added purity potions. Get your virginity back!
  • Competently revamped Race menu!


  • New White\platinum hair type!
  • Hyperlinks in the ‘look self’ menu for wearing just one object and for weapons.
  • Many spoollin errors faxed
  • Major fixes and improvements to Fast travel
  • Fixes to costumes and clothes.
  • No more need to find the toolbox to attach the slide in the Beach Party.

And that’s not even counting all the other stuff we have tweaked! I’d like to give a big big thank you to all the people who have helped us out, especially the bug testers, script writers, and all our awesome Patreon Supporters! You guys are all amazing and patient¬†and you are helping us out fantastically! So without further ado:

Here is the new update of Bad Neverland!




Bad Neverland’s ONE YEAR Anniversary!

Wow! It’s been exactly one year since Bad Neverland was released, and already the game has at least twice as much content! Much of it written by you! We’ve seen a whole lot of changes and improvements, and we are still going!¬†So what have we got for you today that’s going to make our first anniversary extra special? Well of course we have an update for you! Go and check out the new content! But we are also¬†launching the front page of our brand new shiny website! The whole thing is now up and ready to go! Check it out!


So, what have we got in this brand new release of Bad Neverland? Lets have a look!

  • Romers Academy major quest release! Lots to do! Our first look inside the building!
  • Futa Fetish Option added! Check out Puck down in the hedge garden to see it in action!
  • Passers by now react to you being naked, or wearing only one thing, in the town and city!
  • Brand new background scenes in the Jungle!
  • New scenes in¬†the Willows Trees by the river!
  • Lots of new content that changes every time you visit certain places!
  • Brand new ‘Naughty Noir’¬†theme for the online game!
  • Completely¬†fixed a huge bug that caused slowdowns and game crashes!
  • Freaky Frank is no longer an anthro fox in Vanilla mode. (Thanks for spotting that guys!) Our favorite bear will be staying bear shaped though, don’t you worry!
  • Named the Village in the game! After an actual place!
  • Fixed a nasty bug in the costume room! Typing ‘take all’ in there no longer makes the game give up!
  • Started getting rid of the annoying blank ‘Action:’ tags at the end of certain¬†scenes. Tell us if you see one and it’s gone!

Check out the NEW MAP here!

It’s been a big sexy update! But what have we in store for you all in the coming year? Lets take a look!

  • A¬†fully working dirty sex-based quiz show, at last!
  • A bigger better version of Romers!
  • Turn Romers into your own¬†kinky sex club!
  • Working Porn Studio! Earn Money!
  • A kinky Theater!¬†
  • Other huge areas full of sex!
  • Many many new characters and¬†sexual encounters!
  • More fetishes!
  • More sex!
  • Sex!

It’s going to be another year of hard messy work and I hope you all enjoy what’s coming soon, because I know we will! Finally, I’d like to thank every single writer who has sent in scripts, everyone who suggested something to make the game better, and all of our Patreon supporters who are really giving us the time to code the game!

And lastly, of course, thanks a lot to all our thousands of players! Yes, thousands! We have had over 78544¬†total unique daily visitors to the blog since the game launched last year! And we get¬†about a thousand a day now! This game is for all of you, and we hope you have all enjoyed it, and carry on enjoying it! Here’s to another year of naughty fun!

Huge Gameplay Update

The Bad Neverland team has made some major changes over the last month, not least of which being our brand new Patreon Campaign! We have been working really hard to make the game a whole lot better, including:

  • A¬†brand new hyperlink combat addon!
  • Brand new weapons!
  • A Brand new mystery start location!
  • Sped up the transfer to start locations!
  • Reshuffled the city and made it a bus location!
  • Improved the tutorial!
  • Fixed the Kidnap bag script (no new victims added)
  • You can now take off all your clothes by saying ‘strip’ or ‘get naked’!
  • No more lag when selecting genders!
  • A recurring bag of gems! But where is it, and Where will it appear next?
  • Numerous fixes!
  • A¬†brand new game menu!
  • Map versions are now archived for players of older versions of the game!! Click here for more info!

And that’s not all! We now have a¬†new¬†Online Version of Bad Neverland Up and ready to play¬†thanks to the¬†awesome people at Yaoihaven! For our next update we are moving right back to solid porn with a a new¬†starting story for the scout camp, a continuation of the Bobby Buck quest, and so much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Have a go at the online game! Look us up on Patreon and pledge a dollar or two help us make this a full-time thing!