-How to Play-

Bad Neverland is and Adult Text Adventure game. This cheat sheet is here for people who have already played the in-game tutorial and want to know more, the game will help you, so don’t be afraid if you haven’t played this kind of game before.

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Once you have the Bad Neverland ‘glorb’ file, all you need to do is open it in one of the programs available on the download page.

Your First View Of The Game

(Click on an image to see a close-up!)


To get around in the game, all you have to to is click on the blue or purple links! Or if you prefer the old text game method, just put your cursor on the > and type a command! You will want to start the tutorial at first. Don’t worry if the game feels strange at first, you’ll get used to it real quick! Once you get into the game, this is what you’ll see:


Lets break that down! Aside from the side bar full of handy links, we have:


Where you are and what you are doing. Try clicking these links to see what they do!


Your menu bar! Click this to save and restore the game, and so on. You can also type ‘options’ to change your fetishes and so on.


Your nav compass! Look at that design. So beautiful. So majestic. You and it are going places. (If you get stuck, try out our Exhaustive Fan-made map!)


Finally, the cursor! You don’t need to worry about this at all. This is just there for old-school text adventure lovers who want to type their commands manually like your great great granddaddy did back in the good ole DOS days. If you want to try it, go ahead! Here’s a short list of commands:


The basic directions are these:

North       South      East      West

All you have to do is click or type them (or the first letter) to go in that direction. You might also come across a ladder, or a building:

Up      Down      In      Out


You can type any of these to do stuff in Bad Neverland:

Look (Type this on its own to see the room again)

Look at something. (look at an object or person)

Take All (Take everything that isn’t nailed down!)

Take something (Take one item)

Talk someone  (The names of people you can talk to, Fuck, or fight are in Bold Type)

Fuck someone  


In the game you will come across things you can pick up and use.

Drink something

Drop something

Drop All (If you do this by mistake, you can Take All)

Eat something 

Inventory or just Inv for short (Open your Inventory)

Look at something. (look at an object or person)

Use something

Wear something


Equip something (This allows you to wield a weapon or shield)

Unequip something 

Attack someone

You Can Also Use These:

Lock something

Unlock something  (Doors are unlocked automatically if you have the key and try to go through them)

Tie something

Untie something

Smell something

Taste something

Back (Return to the previous room)

Prior Location (Tells you the previous room)

Wait 1 hour 

 Options, Saving, and Loading

Ach (Shows achievements)

Achievements (Ditto!)

Save (Save the game)

Restore (Load the game)

Options (Change fetishes, sexuality, and swearing settings!)


  • Coming back to a place where you saw someone having sex (or typing ‘look’) will often show you a brand-new scene!
  • At the moment, most of the interactions in the game are set off by talking to people! Try talking to people like Bobby Buck and the bored wolfens!
  • If you have an idea about something for the game, email BadNeverland@gmail.com and tell us what should happen!


If you are getting really stuck, why not try out our Exhaustive Fan-made map?

We also have a brand-new Walkthrough!

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