Little Mini Sidebar Update

We’ve been hearing back from you guys that the Jungle area is confusing, so we’ve fixed it and added a sidebar! I hope you like the new and improved game! Here’s some other stuff we have been doing:

  • Brand New Navigation Sidebar!
  • Rambling Road (East of town) now has several naughty bedroom scenes to spy on!
  • River Road (South-West of Town) has a noisy cottage to peek at!
  • Fixed some descriptions and improved some scenes!
  • Fixed some hyperlinks! (Please report bad ones!)

Thanks a lot to all our Bad Neverland Patreon contributors and everyone who has sent in scripts for us to add to the game! We are still working on adding sex scenes for Jackie and Katie, and we are part way into adding a huge new quest that we think you will all like very much!

Don’t forget that Bad NEverland is now archiving maps! Check out the latest one here!

Meet Jazz!

After a couple of days of furious coding, we have a brand new character to add to the Harem! Jazz has a crazy secret! See if you can find out what! For this update we have:

  • Added horny Jazz to the Palace Harem!
  • Tweaked combat to prevent a bug!
  • Fixed a few hyperlinks and items!
  • Made moving around much simpler!
  • More hyperlinks!

I hope you like this update, there are many more on the way! And, of course, if you have some loose change to spare, don’t forget our new Patreon Campaign!

Huge Gameplay Update

The Bad Neverland team has made some major changes over the last month, not least of which being our brand new Patreon Campaign! We have been working really hard to make the game a whole lot better, including:

  • A brand new hyperlink combat addon!
  • Brand new weapons!
  • A Brand new mystery start location!
  • Sped up the transfer to start locations!
  • Reshuffled the city and made it a bus location!
  • Improved the tutorial!
  • Fixed the Kidnap bag script (no new victims added)
  • You can now take off all your clothes by saying ‘strip’ or ‘get naked’!
  • No more lag when selecting genders!
  • A recurring bag of gems! But where is it, and Where will it appear next?
  • Numerous fixes!
  • A brand new game menu!
  • Map versions are now archived for players of older versions of the game!! Click here for more info!

And that’s not all! We now have a new Online Version of Bad Neverland Up and ready to play thanks to the awesome people at Yaoihaven! For our next update we are moving right back to solid porn with a a new starting story for the scout camp, a continuation of the Bobby Buck quest, and so much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Have a go at the online game! Look us up on Patreon and pledge a dollar or two help us make this a full-time thing!

Hyperlink Fix

Just a tiny update for those of you who have had trouble with hyperlinks vanishing! Previously, going through Hard Bottom Right caused all hyperlinks to vanish suddenly. If you notice any more rooms like this, don’t be afraid to message us on and say which room you were in! We have so far checked most of the cells in the game for errors, but we could easily miss one!


Thanks to everyone who reported that combat breaks hyperlinks! It will be fixed for the next version of the game!

Wolf Woods and Scout Woods Reorganised!

We’ve just made travel faster in the woods by cleaning up and merging dozens of locations! The two woods are now one, which means that Wolf Woods is now right on top of Scout Woods, which is exactly where the wolf tribe think it should be! We have made some huge changes to the game layout to make things as easy as possible to navigate! The Savannah, Jungle, and Palace have been moved to the brand-new beach region!

This is a serious change for Bad Neverland that might take a little getting used to, but don’t worry this is all about making the game better!

(Note: No new porn added in this version!)

The Map Has Changed!

Just so everyone knows, we had to change the map as we were having problems with players clicking and dragging big parts of it around to navigate! It’s a shame as we wanted to keep it open, but the good news is that there will be no more problems with big chunks of the map turning into an unreadable mess! You can check out the new map here:

Bad Neverland Official Map

I would like to send a big thanks to Aurel, Chessax, Anon Fox, and all of the others who helped to make the map really great! Your work has really helped the growing Bad Neverland game community, especially new users who may never have played a game like this before. Thanks a lot, all of you!

Jackie Bugfix!

Just fixed a few bugs that came up since our release yesterday! Best of all, you can now buy Jackie an Ice Cream!

Romances are still in the early stages at the moment, but submissions are open for sending in sex scenes to have with them!

Content Everywhere!

We have been working hard this month and boy do we have a serious update for you!

Brand new areas!

  • A large new park with a kinky secret! (Near Stag Woods)
  • A completely revamped hedge garden! (Near Stag Woods)
  • The stag-tribe camp is open!
  • Take a bus from the town to the new beach and find the new kinky sex-dungeon (in progress)!
  • A brand new encounter in the new park!
  • A brand-new use for the kidnapping bag!
  • At least four more magazines to collect!

Revamped Content!

  • The bunny mission has been mostly rebuilt for vanilla non-furry mode!
  • You can now see where the buck goes with his new friend!
  • The steamy window in the town square has changed! Spy in on the towns new porn studio!
  • That awful maze is now a well-designed hedge garden! (With Puck and Billy)
  • Nipper now has a bunch of content!


Suggestions Added!

We’ve added a pile of player-made content to the game! Send us yours and we’ll add it in!