Bad Neverland’s ONE YEAR Anniversary!

Wow! It’s been exactly one year since Bad Neverland was released, and already the game has at least twice as much content! Much of it written by you! We’ve seen a whole lot of changes and improvements, and we are still going!¬†So what have we got for you today that’s going to make our first anniversary extra special? Well of course we have an update for you! Go and check out the new content! But we are also¬†launching the front page of our brand new shiny website! The whole thing is now up and ready to go! Check it out!

So, what have we got in this brand new release of Bad Neverland? Lets have a look!

  • Romers Academy major quest release! Lots to do! Our first look inside the building!
  • Futa Fetish Option added! Check out Puck down in the hedge garden to see it in action!
  • Passers by now react to you being naked, or wearing only one thing, in the town and city!
  • Brand new background scenes in the Jungle!
  • New scenes in¬†the Willows Trees by the river!
  • Lots of new content that changes every time you visit certain places!
  • Brand new ‘Naughty Noir’¬†theme for the online game!
  • Completely¬†fixed a huge bug that caused slowdowns and game crashes!
  • Freaky Frank is no longer an anthro fox in Vanilla mode. (Thanks for spotting that guys!) Our favorite bear will be staying bear shaped though, don’t you worry!
  • Named the Village in the game! After an actual place!
  • Fixed a nasty bug in the costume room! Typing ‘take all’ in there no longer makes the game give up!
  • Started getting rid of the annoying blank ‘Action:’ tags at the end of certain¬†scenes. Tell us if you see one and it’s gone!

Check out the NEW MAP here!

It’s been a big sexy update! But what have we in store for you all in the coming year? Lets take a look!

  • A¬†fully working dirty sex-based quiz show, at last!
  • A bigger better version of Romers!
  • Turn Romers into your own¬†kinky sex club!
  • Working Porn Studio! Earn Money!
  • A kinky Theater!¬†
  • Other huge areas full of sex!
  • Many many new characters and¬†sexual encounters!
  • More fetishes!
  • More sex!
  • Sex!

It’s going to be another year of hard messy work and I hope you all enjoy what’s coming soon, because I know we will! Finally, I’d like to thank every single writer who has sent in scripts, everyone who suggested something to make the game better, and all of our Patreon supporters who are really giving us the time to code the game!

And lastly, of course, thanks a lot to all our thousands of players! Yes, thousands! We have had over 78544¬†total unique daily visitors to the blog since the game launched last year! And we get¬†about a thousand a day now! This game is for all of you, and we hope you have all enjoyed it, and carry on enjoying it! Here’s to another year of naughty fun!


Forum and Wiki up and running!

We have been working hard this week to bring you a shiny new website for Bad Neverland, and our latest addition is our new forum! Come and check it out!

We also have a wiki! We’ve been working hard to get this all looking nice, so I hope you like it! Sadly, there is no way to make the forum and wiki share a login – believe me, we checked!



Brand New Website!

Hey gang! Because of the current problems you have all been having with the yaoihaven version of the game, Bad Neverland is getting its own website at last! Thanks to a really good friend, you can now play the game right here while we work to sort out the glitch:

We weren’t going to mention the new site until we had a cool shiny front page to show you all, but we are still pretty excited about this! Well, we are up to our ears in techy stuff, so I’ll leave you here. Hopefully you won’t mind\notice that that is a slightly older version of the game, but we are working hard to get the latest version set up and ready to go!



Minor Bugfix Update!

Hey gang! We’ve been working hard to mash those bugs and we’ve come up with a minor update that fixes a lot of stuff that has gone wrong! Plus you can now get loot in the Jungle! Here’s the details on all the changes:

  • Bunny Quest is now working properly again!
  • You now sometimes get Shiny Stones as loot from the Wild Jungle boy\girl!
  • Many, many, hyperlink bugfixes.
  • Follower bugs with Giant Cock in Wolf Wood fixed.
  • Fixes to Jackie’s tainting with the forest tribe
  • Fixed weird problems with periods and spacing fixed in Camp Tents.
  • Ruffled Leaves periods fixed
  • Odd Town Park bug fixed
  • Scout entrance error fixed.
  • Noah ‘refuse after sex’ chat fixed
  • Noah ‘what now’ public sex chat¬†fixed
  • Noah’s bag is now a quest item, so you can see it in the inventory!

Thanks a lot to all our testers and writers for spotting these and reporting where they were! Thanks as well to all our Patreon supporters and everyone who has been sending in hot scripts!

Nipper and friend!

Things are really starting to heat up in Bad Neverland! We’ve got not one but TWO new encounters with Nipper for you, as well as a tainting for Jackie and numerous bug fixes and many other things! Here’s the full list of new features! Or you can just go and play¬†it right now!

  • Two brand new encounters for Nipper!
  • Jackie can now be tainted! (talk to him in the Wolf Woods after starting the wolf quest!)
  • If you are tainted the game will now tell you!
  • Tweaks to level-up system!
  • Non-anthro vanilla version of the dog boy for regular non-furry players! Introducing the native teen, who has now¬†been rebuilt to work for¬†all sexualities and genders! No more furry content in vanila mode! Yay! (Tell us if we missed any!)
  • Unlimited Magic Kidnapping bag! One bag is all you need to catch Nipper and a million horny natives or anthro dogs! (More people to catch on the way!)
  • Clothing fix for pants!
  • Bunny Guard & Sex Club Guard Hyperlink¬†Fix!
  • Bunny and sex club quest fixes!
  • Native guards hyperlink fix!
  • New easier shop entrance system!
  • Fixed hyperlink bug with city ticket machine.
  • You don’t have to go to a special room to use the town ticket machines¬†anymore!

Note: we didn’t¬†have time to add sex for Jackie yet, but it’s coming soon! In any case, thanks again to all our Patreon supporters, writers, helpers, suggesters, and players! We are so grateful to all of you all for coming together to make Bad Neverland something really special!

New Mini Quest!

Hey all, thanks for being so¬†patient¬†with us! It’s been a rough few weeks, but we have finally finished¬†a testable section of the new quest! It’s been hard work getting it playable, but now it’s time to take a look! This update adds only a taste of the new quest that’s coming, but we all hope you’ll like it.¬†

Not only have we added three new sexy sexual encounters, but we have also rebuilt the whole Bunny Club Quest so you can do it all in one day! There’s no more waiting around¬†to see the results either, so you can watch the whole show by pressing enter. We have also added a bunch of other updates, including a new hair color system! But now on to the new¬†quest!

How to get to the new content!

This one is a lead on from the Bunny Club Quest. To get started, just wander over to the forest East of the Town and start the Bunny Club Quest. Once you have popped up in the campus, push a certain someone down the holes and go back to the Bunny Club base pronto!¬†The new mini-quest¬†starts there and will¬†take your right up to the¬†beginning of the new major quest¬†in the Suburbs! The new quest stops there I’m afraid¬†and you¬†won’t be able to get into the house yet as we are still working on it. Anyho, the new map is now available¬†so¬†have fun playing and tell us what you think! We’re building the insides¬†of the house right now so it’s on the way. Thanks again to all the people who wrote in with scenes, scripts, suggestions and to everyone who donates on Patreon!¬†You guys have all help us an amazing amount and have all helped make Bad Neveland better!¬†ūüėÄ




Content On the way!

The big update is getting bigger as we speak!¬†This is just to let you guys know we are very close to releasing the first part of our brand new quest, the up and coming trip to the city!¬†Thank you all for being patient, there’s been a lot of work involved in this one and we’ve been trying to get it right.¬†We’ve¬†heard a lot of great feedback asking for bigger better quests with more interaction and and more choices, and we plan to deliver! This new quest is going to be part of a move to make Neverland into¬†one huge sexy adventure that can go any way you like!

This has taken a lot of planning and a wonderful script by one of our best writers, so everyone hang on because we are about to take you for a ride! Soonish! We hope! 

Gameplay Update!

The new major quest is still in the works, and it’s quickly developing into a full-on plotline for the game! We are fast going beyond our original script and are already¬†creating a followup, so¬†we’re declaring it¬†open season for anyone who wants to write random sex scenes for a red velvet¬†sex¬†club or dormitory!

But in the meantime we have been listening hard to your bug reports and suggestions and have made some radical new updates to gameplay. They’ve taken a long time to finish, but here you are! Updates include:

  • Speed boosts!
  • A brand new navigation bar that replaces the sluggish sidebar!
  • Totally revamped the inventory!
  • Improved the hyperlink bar!
  • Shiny Stones now work properly! We hope!
  • Fixed a bug that prevented descriptions!
  • Simon Frost is now FIXED!
  • No more need to pick up shiny stones!
  • Completely rebuilt the transformation system.
  • The ‘Wait’ command should work now, but we need feedback.
  • Orgies are now counted separately to sex in the ‘self’ menu!
  • Many Bug fixes to the Park and the road to the South of there.
  • Many more fixes all around the game
  • Katie now gives you the fast travel map as well as Jackie!

And much more! We aren’t done improving gameplay, so do tell us if you find anything wrong, even a spelling error, and where we can find it! As always, thanks a lot to our testers, writers and our Patreon Supporters! You are all wonderful!

Happy New Year!

Uuuuhurgh. Where’s the coffee? D: Somebody get me an ice pack!

Well, we are just coming back up from being majorly ho ho hungover, but we are working solidly on the game! A¬†major new writer has just handed us an absolutely steamin’ hot fifty-seven pages of solid porn!¬†Yes, really! And there’s more on the way! So hang on tight, because Bad Neverland is about to get¬†an utterly¬†gigantic¬†new sex quest. It’s going to be a little while in the coding stages, of course, but it will be absolutely amazing when it’s done. Major props to our new writer, and (of course) all our other writers and Patreon supporters as well. Don’t worry, we will keep you posted on the new quest!¬†

Sidebar Update

We are¬†getting a lot of feedback about our brand new sidebar! Most¬†people really like it, but it seems it still needs a few tweaks! Some people¬†seem to be having a very odd problem where they click a link and end up in the inventory…. somehow… ūüėČ Sorry about that! We’ve been¬†tweaking the bar to try and fix that, but¬†until we know it works¬†it’s going to be¬†off by default. Don’t worry, we’ve¬†put a button in the main menu to let you turn it on if you want it! We have also fixed a few bugs to do with Bobby Buck and the wolf woods!


Happy Holidays Everybody!


We are having a great time so far and hope you are too! I’m afraid we weren’t quick enough¬†at coding to put another new release in your stocking this month, but boy have we got some good things planned for the new year, including a huge new quest that should be online¬†some time in January!

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped out throughout the year, especially our dedicated writers,¬†Awesome Patreon suporters, bug reporters, and feature suggesters! You guys have been absolutely amazing and we couldn’t do it without you! I mean it! ūüôā

So what crazy stuff have we got planned for next year? Lets unwrap a few! First, of course, will be a major new quest¬†in the city that is all written out but not yet in the game! After that we have a brand new follower, an¬†improved¬†combat system, and a whole bunch of other stuff! Kidnapping Bags will get a big update, and so will so many other things! Here’s a little list!

Coming soon:

  • The Sleepover Quest!
  • A brand new quest in the city
  • Bobby Buck has a friend who needs a date, time to hook him up!
  • Fixes for Simon Frost
  • Have sex with Jackie and Katie!
  • A brand new follower!
  • A different¬†plot¬†for every start location!
  • New start locations!
  • New people to put in the Kidnapping Bag!
  • Harems and other¬†sexy¬†locations to drop them.
  • Sleeping and eating.
  • Leveling up and maybe magic spells!
  • A thousand other things we haven’t even thought of yet!

And last but not least, Bad Neverland’s big first anniversary update party is coming in April 2016! Neverland¬†will be a whole year old, and look at how big it has grown in that short time! Who¬†knows where we’ll be this time next year, but for now:

Happy Holidays, and a merry new year!

Don’t get drunker than us, we’re trying for the¬†world record!