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Want to join the our writing team and help speed up updates? Want to send in a little scene or correction? Well you can! 😀 Bad Neverland is completely open to new content and suggestions, and it is really easy to do! Just write whatever you’d like us to put in the game and send it to us!

You can email us anonamously at:

Or post on our own forum!

The easiest way is to just write it out as if you were playing the game and let your imagination go wild! That’s right, there are no silly formatting rules, so just go ahead and get creative! Want to write an enemy for the game? There’s a template for that! (Link to download) But other than that, there are are no rules on writing!  Of course, a few really hard fetishes are banned (scat, gore, death, etc), but other than that, just go ahead! Want to add in new sex scenes, characters, and locations? Bad Neverland can do almost anything except pictures, so all you have to do is write up what you want to see the way you want it to appear in the game! It’s that easy! Then just send it in and we’ll try to do it! We can’t do everything, of course, but we’ll give most things a go. 

So, if you want something done right, write it yourself! And, if you don’t want to remain anonymous, you might even end up in the credits!


Credits For Submissions

As well as all our anonymous contributors, the following people have helped with the making of the game:


A huge thank-you goes out to Aurel, Chessax, Anon Fox, and all of the others who helped to make the official Bad Neverland Map! Your work has made the game much better, especially for new players who might never have tried to play a game like this before.

Major Co-Creators & Bug Testers:

  • Lil’edals – Created almost the entire Bunny Tainting Quest, and a lot of other stuff! Lil’edals has been one of our best bug testers & creators and has worked hard to add a huge amount of content to the game! Thanks Lil’edals!

Regular Submissions:

  • Darius Dragon – Thanks a lot for all your help with Puck and Billy! Darius added a really great scene with Puck and has given us some cool character ideas.
  • SemussX – Thanks very much for making us our new and improved logo! It looks awesome!


67 thoughts on “Submit New Content!

  1. What if I were, say, a curious dev of the programming inclination looking to patch little issues I notice? It’s free, it’s downloadable, it’s distributable, but is it open source? 😛


  2. i think it is a good idea to adjust the body type of the user because some people love muscle, fatty, and sissy or something like that


  3. If you guys don’t have one, maybe a start for romancing Jackie can be after you save him in the rescue quest that you’re building. It maybe a good idea to try but if not you could maybe modify it so it’s your sister Katie that’s kidnapped and it’s a way to begin a romance with her. Hope this makes any ideas come to mind or any current ones any easier. =)


  4. how about have it where you can enter bobby house and take some school kids and be able to fuck them maybe have it where to can place that sex chage seal owl twins get them pregnant


  5. I like the idea about the sex change and we hope to have pregnancy in the game soon! We’re also planning some group sex stuff for the new quest, but it may be a little while before that is finished. 🙂


  6. I’d love to have an option on the new (can’t wait!) reformatory questline that you can either pay the ruffians to let you pass or offer them sex.

    Echoing others who want to be able to sex Jackie up.

    Would like some reward to come out of helping the anthromorphs spread their taint–be made part of the tribe, get to join in the orgy, etc


    1. Hey there! There are ways to get in other than paying! One is to get three Randy dog tribe boys from wolf wood and set them on them! I’ll see about adding sex as a way in soon though. 🙂

      And sex with Jackie is coming! I’m just working on a cool little thing with him right now as it happens…

      You can join in the orgy by talking to any of the tribes in the camp, so take your pick and have the anthros taint you good! We are going to add more stuff like that soon.


      1. Okay, how much sex do you need to get tainted? Because I let the bunnies and the wolfies sex me up lots and there was no “You are tainted” message or any change in any of the dialogues afterwards. After the bunnies kidnapped the kids, I talked to the bunny guards and no new dialogue appeared.

        I finally got the bag. Note: I consistently get an error when the object I am speaking to contains more than two words. As in, I can click the hyperlink to talk to “Randy Dogboy” (2 words) but it vomits errors when I click the link for “Native Teen Jungle Guards.” Only typing in “talk native Teen” can I get the dialogue and the bag.

        Anyway, after one boy is bagged, I can’t put anyone else in nor can I see any way to take them out again. I was hoping the bag would let me have my own portable boy harem. 😦

        Suggestion: I’d love to be able to have the teen with the twins offer me the use of their little bodies in trade for finding him some new toys–or maybe even offering him Jackie. 🙂


      2. Hey there, once is enough to taint you! We didn’t think of adding a message, but you should be able to type ‘self’ and see the taint. I think that message idea is really good though, so I’ll get on that today! For the bunnies, I think you may be seeing a bug as you are meant to get new dialogue when they clear up and go home. I’ll have to sort that out too!

        That talking error is very odd, you should be able to talk to them by just saying ‘talk’ on its own, or ‘talk Jungle’, or just by clicking the talk button in their description. I’ll have to have a look at that and see what’s happening!

        Portable harems are coming! But at the moment you can’t have more than one person per bag, take them out, or play with them while they are there. I’ll have to see about sorting that out as we have been meaning to do something about it!

        The idea with the teen and twins sounds good! Would like to help us with writing it? If not, could you tell me roughly where you saw them so I know who you mean?


  7. I really love your work and have u considered releasing this game on phone ? I really really want to play this on phone because it’s easier to carry around (and my laptop is so old and it works terrible ;-;)
    p/s : sorry for my broken English. I’m not a native speaker…


      1. It’s a really big help but uhm…. I don’t know if it was due to the maintenance on yaoihaven page or some kinda glitches on my phone but i can’t play the game on phone …. :/ I know that I’m kinda bothering you and all but can you uhm help me out a bit ?


      2. Uhm and since I’m here I would like to submit an idea also. I noticed that there is time in this game because when I was playing three days ago there was a sentence abt a new day is coming and all, and I think maybe some quests may related to these timezone but the thing is it’s kinda hard to know exactly the time and it make me really confused if i should stay or leave an area or is that area not open yet 😐 so if it’s possible maybe a timer should be added or maybe just a sentence like “it’s the morning” or night,…
        P/s : I would like to go to have some fun in the redclight district at night :3 ahihihihihihihihihihihi :3 oh u can add a bar to ( a great place for picking up hotties and jobs)


      3. Sadly my laptop is currently on a vacation and idk when will it return :))))))))))). It broke down like 3 days ago and left me heartbroken. Don’t know if it gonna be ok or not :’) Still haven’t got it fixed yet. :”)


      4. That’s a shame about the laptop, we know how you feel unfortunately! :p I like your idea though! We will have to see about making the time in Bad Neverland matter. At the moment there is only one small part of the Bunny Quest quest that relies on it as we have had problems with it in the past, but I will think about your cool idea for the red light district and I’ll try to code you up a watch for the next version. 🙂 At the moment you should be able to tell the rough time by saying ‘time’ if that helps. If you would like to you could even help write up some of the timed events if you like! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I can only give u the ideas for the event though cause honestly I kinda bad at literature things. :”3
        Have U considered writing up some jobs ? cause picking up stones doesnt really pay up well…..


      6. Hmm lifeguard at nudity beach, running errands in camp (like delivering love letters, clothes,…), a shop helper ( accountant, clerk, cleaner, stock,…) maybe u can pickpocking ppl and stealing,… Then u can build a “jail” map (for criminals).
        Oh and some jobs required a minimum skill’s level and u can have some xp doing jobs…..
        P/s : Am I submitting too much ideas ? i – i


  8. Idea here, if you are tainted and wish to be untainted, how about making Alex at the Dripping Pond be one of the cures? All you have to do is let him fuck you at the end, and then you’re back to normal.


  9. First I want to say how much I love the game. After playing a good bit as boy with straight, gay, and bi content one thing stuck out to me. When I was playing with straight content on and talked to puck with the cowboy costume on I got a wonderful surprise as even though puck was a woman I still got fucked by a wonderful lady dick with cum being referred to as woman nectar or something. This made me realize that the game lacked an option for shemale/futa in the game. As someone who love to play as a boy that gets butt fucked but would prefer a pretty girl’s dick rather than a handsome man’s dick I would be ecstatic to see futanari added as a fetish or sexuality option in the future. Also hoping to see more beastiality and incest content in the future.


    1. Glad you liked the little easter egg! 🙂 Having a futa in the game is a good idea, so we are going to add it as a fetish! And because you mentioned Puck, I think I’ll make her the first one! We are going to add more incest and beast soon as well, but in the mean time there is a very early build of a party mission that has some in if you want to check it out. I think we’ll make the kinky Goth in it a futa too. 🙂

      Just a heads up, that demo was built in a much older version of the game.


      1. Awesome! Can’t wait for futa to be added and will definitely try the demo out. I can’t wait to see how the game progresses and love the communication between the fans and dev.


    1. You can save your game by typing ‘save’ and load it by typing ‘restore’, but the saves aren’t compatible with different versions of the game because of complex coding issues that would break the game.

      (You can also save and load by clicking those words in the hyperlink menu)


    1. It’s to stop it being an infinite money cheat, basically. We are going to add the full sequence as an in-game film that you can pick up and watch, but we have yet to program that part of the game so you can’t do it.


    1. We are currently restructuring and fixing Romers! All of the party content is being rebuilt on the beach front and Romers will soon be a stealth mission where you have to sneak around and hide to get to the main dorm. Also, we are going to do something about those teens at the gate.


  10. Couple of things. Maybe add in a way to specify on the furry neko thing? Like if you only want furries? And maybe add in scalie characters for certain people like myself? Oh, and is there like a really horny dragon? And XD one more thing. You should totally add in like a wolf character to be your buddy. (make him like really muscular) ok Im done 😂


    1. Hey there! Sure, I can make an option to have only furries, but I’m afraid we don’t have time to do it right now so it will have to go in the next release! Scalie characters are a good idea too! I’ll have to see about adding them. There are one or two horny dragons in the game, but unfortunately you can’t have sex with them yet! We are writing a very sexy bit involving one, but it isn’t going to be online for a while. The muscular wolf buddy idea is great too! Love the ideas here! XD We will have to rebuild the buddy system first though, and that won’t happen for the next release!


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