Walkthrough with Hints and Tips

Here is the current walkthrough guide for Bad Neverland! Scroll down to see helpful hints and tips! If you are still stuck, just highlight the white text in brackets to see full instructions. If you can’t find an area, try the official map here. Important items and strapon locations are at the bottom!

Minor Quests

  • Billy is Hiding – Will you give Billy up to Puck? Why not steal Billy’s clothes and try them on? Lusty magazines will help you convince. Maybe Puck in the hedge garden can help. For more hints, see ‘Puck is looking’ (Search the National Park for magazines to find one featuring Billy! Next find Puck in the Hedge Garden to get the other. Puck is wandering all over the place in there so you should try walking around until you find them. Billy is hiding in a pervy secret area North of the Topiary Bed in the hedge garden. Use the magazines to humiliate Billy, then do whatever you want! You can use Billy as your sex toy, give them up to Puck, or put on Billy’s clothes and go talk to Puck.)

  • Bobby Buck – Just do what Bobby says and then come back! Also, Bobby’s home is in the forest. (Go to the park East of the Town Square and talk to Bobby. Then go South and West back to the Town and press the doorbell in the North East corner of the square. Go back to Bobby to see what happens and then take a trip East to the camp in Stag Forest to watch some more)

  • Gobbling Tree – Have a look around the park. Do you have the kidnapping bag? Why not try going back into the tree once you have met everyone in the park? (Find Nipper and have sex with them. When Nipper is sexed out, put them in the Magic Kidnapping Bag you got from the Jungle. To find the bag see: ‘Magic Kidnapping Bag’ in ‘Items’. Once you have Nipper, go back inside the Tree. You can also find another person in the park who you can direct towards the tree.)

  • Puck is Looking – Puck is looking everywhere for Billy! Billy is in the hedge garden somewhere, but Puck can’t find them! Puck is sure Billy is around here somewhere, maybe in a secret area? (Puck likes Billy’s outfit.) For more hints and a walkthrough, see ‘Billy is Hiding’

  • Major Quests
  • Stag Forest Bunnies – There is a certain place in the Stag Woods where you can meet the Bouncing Bunny Club. Try visiting the town before you go there, you might find a large group of people the Bunny Club can abduct! The pawn shop in town is a great place to go if you are looking for a shovel, and the Bunny Club are pretty keen on holes!  If you don’t know where to go next, try making holes in the park behind the campus. The Bunnies may take some time to grab people, so try coming back later or typing ‘wait 4 hours’ a few times. (Go to the back of the campus in the National park and dig there using a shovel from the pawn shop. Go find the Bunny Holes in Stag Woods to the East and tell them all about it. The Bunnies will then move to the back of the campus and wait for their ‘new friends’ to come outside. How long this takes depends on the time of day. Every turn takes 10 minutes so you can just come back later, or you can wait. The bunnies catch more people each day, so come back every so often to see new content! Eventually the bunnies will get everyone and go back to their forest, so return there for extra content. Once you have done that, their leader in the Meadow has some tasks for you…)
  • Wolf Tribe Tainting – The wolf tribe might be very interested in the scouts in the woods! Try visiting the Scout Camp and the Wolf Camp, and then telling the wolves where the scouts are. Once you have, things start happening very quickly! Go back to the Scout Camp to see what happens! Something interesting is happening in the Lonely Tent. There should now be a lot more things to see in the Wolf Forest, and plenty to see whenever you come back! (Walking from the Scout Camp and the Wolf Camp, go back using Fast Travel, if you have Jackie’s map. Look at the Lonely Tent. Walk back to the Wolf Camp on foot. There should now be a lot of new content. Press ‘enter’ to keep watching the Scout get banged in the camp until they drop their trophy. There may be more content in the woods after you walk back and forth a few times.)


  • Magic Kidnapping Bag – You can find this in the Jungle. If you can’t find that area, try taking the bus to the beach. If you still can’t find it, go West until you do. You can pick up a carved wooden dildo on the way, it makes a good weapon. In the Jungle, go to the camp and talk to the guys at the entrance. The bag is very useful, so get it early!



  • Black Dildo Strapon – The Bondage Dungeon in the shack at the beach
  • Plain Strapon & Used Strapon – appear as random drops from the underwear chest in the Palace costume room.
  • Rainbow Strapon – The Park
  • Vibrating Bunny Strapon – The Bunny Warren (Down from Bunny Holes)

If you notice a something important that isn’t on here, or a problem with the instructions, email BadNeverland@gmail.com to tell us!


45 thoughts on “Walkthrough with Hints and Tips

    1. Oh! I’m sorry to hear that, we tested that last week and didn’t find anything wrong! Could you tell me what you typed or clicked? If nothing else works, try typing ‘talk’ and see if that does it.


  1. For Klaus and others, as well as an FYI for the game crafters, relying on the hyperlinks is a mistake. I love the game and I do NOT want to sound negative because it is awesome and clearly oh so much work! However, through several reloads/fresh games/restarts and even playing offline I have found the hyperlinks work only maybe 60% of the time. Until I figured out how to just do commands like “Talk Jackie” and that sort of thing, I was pretty much stuck. I got way WAY more from the game once I was able to work without the hyperlinks. The bunny guards, for instance, never had a working hyperlink.

    I still can’t find the Carved Dildo to save my life. Been to the area it’s supposed to be, done Look and Take All and even Equip. And I’ve crisscrossed the jungle a dozen times without finding the Magical Kidnapping Bag.


    1. Hey there, thanks for the heads up about the bunny guards! In a lot of cases the morphing system changes character names, so hyperlinks added via code might not work. We’ve been testing the game to try and find them, but we might not get them all so do tell us if you see one!

      Thanks for reporting the Carved Dildo, by the way, it’s been replaced with the dildo launcher on the top floor of the palace but we forgot to make a note on the map. The Magical Kidnapping Bag is in the Jungle Camp entrance, you just have to talk to the people there to get it. At the moment you can capture Randy Dogs and Nipper with it. I hope that helps!


      1. Hey there! The gate you can bypass at the back, but the inside of the school is locked off for this version due to lack of content. Sorry about that, I’ll put a note on the door.


    1. Noah or Sarah will appear once you have started the Bunny Quest and pushed someone down the holes in the college! Once you’ve done that, go to the Bunny camp in Stag Wood and talk to the person you pushed down and you should be able to find them from there. 🙂


  2. Hey, there. When I get to Romers and the gang of teens, do I have to get the $50 or $100 to get through or is there another way as it suggests? I have racked my mind trying to think of something else.


    1. If you have caugught three randy natives and let them loose at the gate. Once inside, Noah or Sarah will show you a secret way in and out. Sorry it’s a bit cryptic, but we have plans to fix the teens at the gate for the next version of the game so you can get in for free.


  3. Im in furry mode immune to transformation and trying the bobby buck quest, after i ring the doorbell i return and no matter how many times i try to click or text my way to the “horny kids in bushes” link, it returns with an empty statement. thinking it may be a bug, but i might be missing something


  4. When i first did the spread tribal taint quest (a earlier version) jackie was taken, and the site says he can be tainted, but now when i do the quest nothing happens. Do i have to walk back and forth between the wolf tribe camp without fast traveling? Or do i have to wait?


    1. As soon as you have started tainting the camp, talking to Jackie in the woods should trigger him being grabbed. If it doesn’t happen first time, try a different location outside the scout camp.


  5. I’m try to do Bobby Buck quest but I can’t seem to watch the scene… unless I am and I don’t know. Though everytime I try to look at ‘horny teens in the bushes’ it comes back as ‘a young anthro boy with nothing more than wolf skin on his back’ and it also says that I can talk to Rudy but when I try I can’t…


    1. There isn’t defined ending yet, but you can corrupt the party a lot! There are three main places to do this: The pink bedroom, the food, and the slip n slide. Hope that helps!


  6. hey so when I enter romers it tells me to see Frank, so I go see him and talk to him and it tells me to go back to corrupt romers. but when I do so it tells me to talk to Frank again? and it turns into a never ending cycle and I can’t get past it. am I missing something or is this just a bug?


    1. Heya, don’t know if I responded to this but thanks for the update! Romers isn’t finished yet so there are a lot of programming issues around the point that we stopped at. while you can enter Romers, I don’t advise it as there isn’t anything in there that you can see. Everything sexy is basically spread across a bunch of other files because we haven’t got enough stuff to bridge it yet.


    1. Hey there! I didn’t think of leaving him at the camp, so he won’t be tainted that way! All you need to do is taint the scout camp fully and then go for a walk with Jackie in wolf wood. 🙂


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