It’s The Haunted Halloween update!

(Game update)

Are you ready to be thrilled, spilled, and full of candy? Welcome to the brand-new Halloween Update! The town of Beaver Creek has just opened its first annual Trick-or-Treat maze in the National Park, and YOU are invited! There’s chaos galore and treats to be had, but watch out for the TRICKS!

All you have to do is start the fun from the Festival Platform and get too it! The Halloween event December 1st! So you better hurry! If you would like some tips on beating the maze, scroll down and highlight. 🙂 We also have a new map-free download version of the game for if you find them distracting. 😀 Thanks again to our wonderful writers, especially Twitchy who wrote most of the Halloween event! And, of course, all of our faithful Patreon supporters who help keep the game going! Now that’s out of the way, have a spooky time with the new Event! 

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Tips for beating the Maze

Highlight the white text below to to read!

General hints

Some areas of the maze give you candy about once every 3 visits, but one of them steals your candy at the same rate! You need to work out which rooms these are and hit them a lot. But watch out, time is critical and you need to finish the quests to win! The area that steals candy does nothing else, so you can just avoid it without any problems.. Different paths lead to the same area, so it’s these you have to watch out for!

Full Walkthrough

To get first place you must knock out at least some of the competition with tricks! You can do this by playing the Littlewing quest, getting the undies from the ghost, and then putting them into the tower and making a candy trail using at least a medium amount of candy. 


MEGA ULTRA Costume update!

(Game update!)

It’s out! It’s big! And it’s been coming for about a couple of months now, but we have finally reached a point where we can release the game! I am sorry it took this long, but we have been experimenting with a brand-new system that will eventually make most of the sex scenes hyperlink based! Our first version will be used for the Halloween update, which will be coming soon!

We have also changed from a per monthly to a per-update Patreon in order to be fairer to you guys! Starting with the next release, we will not charge our supporters anything per month unless we produce a full-size update! This is better for you, and it should help motivate us as well!

So what have we got for you this update?

Version 0.681b

New features! New Mall!

  • If you start as a Scout you can now sleep in the sleeping bag in the Scout Tent!
  • The Swimsuit Shop has just opened at the beach! Check it out! It’s full of rad new items!
  • Interactive Vore scenes somewhere behind the Scout Camp… 😀
  • New Mall open in the City! Including a Seasonal Costume Store with different stuff in almost every month! Send us your suggestions!!!
  • A second Cosplay Store with so many costumes you’ll probably never be able to choose!
  • POUNCE Fursuits with a range of fluffy costumes for fluffy costume lovers!


NEW Background sex!

We were focusing mostly on the Halloween Quest, but there’s quite a bit of new sex!

  • The bed shop in Town Square is closed down, but somebody is using the beds!
  • Sexy new scenes in Hedge Gardens entrance!
  • Way more hot vore, if you are into that and have it enabled!
  • A bunch more people will notice you are naked when you talk to them.
  • Corrupting the scouts just got better! A scene in the changing rooms!
  • More small scenes scattered about in various places.


NEW Costumes!

  • Loads and loads of new costumes, and improvements to several old favorites!
  • Anime costumes! Inuyasha, Black Butler, and the whole cast of Cowboy Beebop!
  • Film costumes!
  • Video game costume! (Singular!)
  • Fursuits! Be a costumed panther, monkey, or fox for the first time!


Bug Fixes:

  • About thirty grammar and text errors fixed in the Bunny Quest alone. Many, many more throughout the game! Way more than I can count! Quote any more errors to us on the forum to help us find it!
  • Improved command! If you press enter to look for more background sex, the text will now refresh instead of duplicating to make it easier to read!
  • Going West from the beach now properly takes you to Cat Meadow instead of an empty area called ‘Cat Medow’.
  • If you are wearing a strapon while you transform to male, it will now pop out!
  • Added line-breaks before most wearable items so that their descriptions are easier to read.
  • Scout master will no longer dump you on a blank screen after getting sassy with you!
  • You should no longer have any slowdown when leaving Cozy Tent for the first time! We are still not clear on why that ever happened but, believe it or not, it was something to do with the word ‘out’ being slower that one time in that one place…

Website fixes

* The forum has been completely updated and fine tuned! It now has a firewall and everything!

Still Hard At Work On The HALLOWEEN Update!!

(News post only)

So, who’s wondering why Bad Neverland is taking so long to update? 😀 “It can’t be just work getting in the way!” you might be thinking. Well, it partly is, but we have been using the time to plan and add something to the game that is going to knock your pumpkin costume off! That’s right! Freed from the need to compile something in a month, we’ve been working on a pretty huge update! We aren’t releasing just yet, but you wait! We’ve got a costume shop, a beachwear shop, and a dozen new background scenes scattered about the game! But that’s not all! We’re doing TRICK OR TREAT! That’s right! Your wonderful patience is going to pay off in a big way! Awesome new in-game event? CHECK! Decorations? CHECK! Cheeky pranksters? Wait, what? Nooo!

It’s going to be big! It’s going to be awesome! And if you make a suggestion right now we’ll probably chuck it in! Got a sexy Halloween costume idea? Just reply down here and we’ll add it right away! You can even write the description if you like! We’ll take festive ideas of any kind for our new Seasonal stores and stalls!


In-game maps are finally here! (And lots of bug fixes)

(Game update)

Check it out guys! This is awesome! We have finally put together the map system for the game! It is only available in the offline download version for now, and it doesn’t have a big arrow to tell you exactly what room you are in, but it will make navigation a thousand times easier! We decided to leave out most of the hints and spoilers, but you can still find these on the main Bad Neverland map! The online version of the game will have everything except the maps because they run too slowly. Once again, a huge thanks to our faithful Patreon Supporters! We love you guys! Stay tuned for the next update when we will be loading down the game with new content, including a special shop just for size-play lovers! Yep, it is coming, and we hope you will be too now that you have a map to find all your content! 😀 Have fun, and if you have any trouble with the maps do let us know!

Version 0.680b

New Feature:

  • In-game maps!! It’s now a lot easier to navigate the game. (Only in the offline download version)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the dreaded ‘Run-time problem P60’ when leaving Creamy Shaft.
  • Ticket machines should no longer disable hyperlinks.
  • Finally remembered to move the slip-n-slide from Romers to the Beach House!  WOOO! Sorry for the wait!
  • Several spelling errors fixed!
  • Gender errors fixed! If you see someone called by the wrong gender, tell us their name, where they are, and what was said and we’ll fox them all! I mean fix them!
  • May have fixed the runtime error in Simon Frost’s house. Tell us if it is still there!

Directions fixed:

  • Going West from Kock Street will now properly take you to Carnival Entrance instead of a blank area! I don’t know how that wasn’t reported earlier!
  • Several directions in Wolf Forest fixed.
  • Removed unusable option to go North from Town Square N as it is too far to walk to the city!

Website updates:

  • Total overhaul of the forums! Including:
  • Brand-new instant chat! We’ll even have chat-rooms soon!
  • Sleek new features you’ll probably never notice or use!


Play the new mobile version of the game!


Download the version with in-game MAPS!

The New Hard Fetish Webcomic!


We don’t usually mention hard fetish content in the blog, but: attention gay shota fans! Bad Neverland is teaming up with some serious talent to bring you a brand new furry shota & yaoi webcomic with sexy nymphs, demons, and much more! Yes, an actual steamy full color webcomic, not a short one-shot! Check out the latest concept art for one of the main villains:

p1 Tiger.jpg

This is going to be the very first hot shota webcomic ever made! Our artist has already outdone the steamy front page we put up! But right now we are funding the entire comic out of donations to Bad Neverland! So to make this a regular weekly comic, we are going to offer open commissions to help fund it! For as little as $20 you can have your own panel in the comic where you will be able to describe a sex scene in detail! (as long as it’s gay!) You will be sent a full-size clean copy of the panel (without dialogue), and because the art is used in the comic, you’ll pay less than a third of what you would if you asked an artist directly! If you make us an offer, you’ll get even more! We also offer smaller budget commissions that don’t get as much priority. Want a boy with blue hair, or a specific kind of teenager, demon, nymph, or anthro? We can do that for $1! Want to add an entire character to the comic? We can work out a deal! The prices are all decided by how complex the scene and how big you’d like it to be. Obviously, some fetishes are off limits and you can’t take over the story, but other than that most things go! If you aren’t sure, it’s best to email us at to ask. Of course, if you just want to make a small donation to help us out we would love to have it! And if you don’t want to use Patreon, we are also on, where all donations are anonymous.

So what are you waiting for, shota fans? This magical land of sex needs your help!

Porn Studio!

(Game update)

It has been a packed month here! So packed that we barely finished the new version of the game! (We are working on a hard fetish gay/shota/furry webcomic! Shh!) The update is out, but we can barely wait for the next one! Stay tuned for that because we have some huge stuff coming! Once our bug testers have done checking up on the hidden new Porn Studio mission! It’s HUGE! Unfortunately, we can’t let most of you see it just yet, but some lucky hard fetish players will find they have TWO new porn studio films to make! As always, a huge thank-you to our amazing faithful Patreon supporters, our script writers, and everyone who has helped test the game write the wiki and build the game on the forums! 

Version 0.679b

New Sex:

  • New PORN STUDIO film to make! Can you tame the bad sex slave? It’s hot stuff.
  • Some hard fetish players will find they can also access the new Sex Whisperer mission from the studio! It’s pretty unpolished still, but give it a go!
  • A hot new Lust Magazine in the Porn Studio!

New Clothing:

  • Dino hoodie in Rosy Flowers! It’s cute.

Bug Fixes:

  • You can now cancel an festival event from the stage at any time. (You may or may not be able to restart events once quitting them)
  • More festival tweaks!

We’ve also added in support for a really cool new feature you should see in the next update! Stay tuned!

Play the new version of the game!

(Download the game)

Slight update (offline version)

Hey gang! We done made a goof! The link for the offline version of the game was not updated when we did our last big update, so several of you haven’t yet seen our amazing new tattoo parlorin the city or the cummy milkshake stall down on the farm!

Well this is just to let you know that the link has been fixed, so go ahead and have fun with the new version of the game! Thanks a lot for your patience in this, it took us a while to work out why we were still getting bug reports for the previous version of the game!

Thanks as well to all our script writers, who are working hard on new porn studio stuff! Thanks as well to our amazing Pareon supporters! This month’s patreon will be going directly to our web host to help keep Bad Neverland running, so every little helps!

I’ve been a really ill

(Game Update!)

Well, it’s been a long time coming and a lot of hard work, but you can now get a lust tattoo in game! There’s even a little quest attached to it and you can design your own tattoo! Thank you all so much for your patience! As some of you know I’ve been very sick since New Years and have had to go in to hospital, but I should be ok now. Unfortunately, this means we haven’t been able to do as big an update as we planned, but we still have some good stuff for you!

Not only do you now have custom tattoos, but you can now buy cummy milkshakes from the local farm! Bangn’ Barn has a stall right out side of it and we hope that in a later update you will be able to take part in the ‘milking’ there. At the moment you can only buy milkshakes that change your age because we haven’t gotten the others working yet, but we are going to add more soon that let you change gender and even species! 

We’ve also fixed a few annoying bugs, especially that persistent one with Bobby, and have been working on the the new (unreleased) map system, so hopefully the google docs map will soon be redundant! As always, thanks to all our script-writers, and faithful Patreon supporters, you guys make Bad Neverland possible! Here’s the full list, and I hope you like it!

New Stuff:

  • Brand new Tattoo parlor!
  • Brand new cummy milkshake stall at the farm!

Background sex:

  • New peephole in Long Arrow Alley, Native Camp, Jungle.
  • A small new scene in wagging ferns (Wolf Wood) after you taint the scout camp. Press enter to see it!
  • Twisting Tails in Wolf Wood now has an extra scene.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Bobby Buck! The sex scene will play properly now.
  • Having sex with Tanner no longer sends you to the old Kitchen in Romers (in furry fetish mode)
  • Cleaned up a few bits of incest in Vanilla mode
  • Fixed Nipper still being in the park after you kidnap and put them in the tree.
  • Fixed the hard fetish menu to display options properly


Play the new version of the game right now!

Happy X-mas everybuddy! *hic*


We frum the *hic* Bad Neverland wotsit game thing wish yew alls a really festive *hic* seasonal festival doohicky an’ a happy new, uh, beer? Probably beer. Anyways, we are going to sign off for now because we have family to drunkenly yell at and turkey to badly cook, so on behalf of the Bad Neverland team, I really wish you a merry Holidays and a happpy neew year! Oooh! Did I say that already? And where’s the rest of that beer? I’m like 90% sure somebuddy mentioned beer…


Happy Holidays 2016 from Bad Neverland!


(Game Update)

It’s finally here! It’s finally here! After all the drama last month, the Holiday update of Bad Neverland is all wrapped up under the tree! Shall we sneak a naughty peek? Oh my! This year, for the very first time, Santa is coming to Bad Neverland! That’s right! Thanks to the shiny new Real Time system in the game, not only do we have lashings of new content, but you can now go and visit Claus himself right in the middle of the town! 

Just go to the stage in the town, or the new area north of City Block, to activate the Festive Season!  That’s right! Not only does Neverland now have Real Time events, but they are optional as well! But is that it? No! Of course not! Bad Neverland has lots of new toys for you to play with! Check it out!

Major Upgrades:

  • Brand New Seasonal Content! Go to the stage in the NE corner of the town, or North of City Block to activate some Festive Cheer! 
  • Santa has arrived in the Town Square with three different presents for you to choose from!! (You must go to the stage first!!)
  • A whole new steamy encounter in the Pink Bedroom at the Beach party!
  • New embarrassed nude in the SW corner of the town square!
  • New bin in that same corner where you can find news articles about your quests! (Bunny quest and wolf quest already added! Beach is on the way!)
  • Bangin’ Barn is now OPEN! You can see some hot action going on in the stalls! Soon there will be a ‘milking parlor’ here as well…
  • New shop in the Bunny Camp! It’s full of cute things.
  • New achievements for the Beach party!
  • Completely replaced the time system to allow seasonal in-game events! The original time system has been completely disabled. If you have trouble with the Bunny Quest not working, do tell us!
  • Added support for Location Images! These will appear in a later update! If you want to draw a location, get in touch! We are happy to have all your fan art, but remember we are standing by our decision not to add sex images to the game! 

Bug Fixes:

  • The random encounter system has been optimized. This may have sped up the game a little!
  • Fixed incorrect fetish content in the porn studio window and improved the scenes.
  • Frank no longer tells you to go see Tanner during the Romers quest.
  • Tanner is no longer hiding in the Romers parking lot
  • Failsafe added to Romers quest. (You now need Noah or Sarah to get through the gate)
  • Fixes to names and gender in pink bedroom.
  • Bobby buck is now in Rosy Flowers and the doorbell is in Rambling Road! You no longer have to go on a major hike to find it and get back!

Thanks again to all our Patreon Supporters in particular! We are still seriously in the hole what with the plumbing drama, but you guys have really come through for us and we would absolutely be so stuck if it wasn’t for all of you! We really appreciate you guys! All the scriptwriters have been working like elves this year, and we love you guys as well. Bad Neverland wouldn’t be half the game it is without you all! From all the Bad Neverland team, we hope you have a happy, safe, and sexy xxx-mas! And a Happy New Year!

Play the New Version of Bad Neverland!