-Download Bad Neverland-

Bad Neverland is a free adult text-based adventure game (Currently in working Beta) with custom fetish and sexuality options that allow you to make the game whatever you want it to be! Instead of blocking off content or throwing kinks in your face, Bad Neverland actually rewrites itself to show you exactly what you want! Choose straight, gay, or bisexual content and everything in the game will change to fit what you like! Want one fetish in and another out? The game does that on the fly, swapping from one kink to another whenever you want! 

We have very regular updates from a hard working team of two and a growing community of fans who send in content they write themselves! Want to write something for us, have feedback or suggestions? Send to us and we will put them in the game!

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Play Bad Neverland Online now!

Play the mobile game online! (Always the latest version – BETA 0.683b)

LATEST MAP (Older versions are in the map archive.)

Note: The Offline game will play faster and now has an inbuilt map! It will almost always be the better choice, especially if you have a slow connection or the game is busy. If you do not see the new version, try clearing your browser cache.

If you like the game, why not help us out on Patreon!

Or Play Bad Neverland Offline

You can also play Bad Neverland in an offline reader!

Step 1: Install a Reader:

You will need to download and install one of these to run the game!

Windows: Windows Glulxe

Mac: Winebottler running Windows Glulxe (the link above)

Linux: Gargoyle

Mobile Devices:

Android: Thunderword App (Experimental)

Once you have installed one, just open the Bad Neverland game file with it!

Step 2: Download The Game:

Download latest version of Bad Neverland (Version BETA 0.683b)


Download Without Ingame Maps (Identical to regular game, except no maps!)

Adult Game, over 18s ONLY. (The download link is in the top right corner of google docs.)

Patreon Page

Submit your own ideas!

If you would like to submit content to the game, email it to: 



Current game includes:

  • Set your sexuality and sex fetishes to customize all of the game!
  • Regular updates with user-submitted content!
  • Huge Sex Quests!
  • Full combat system with sexy weapons like dildos!
  • Numerous locations to visit (With around 165 different cells to explore)
  • A large number of people having sex you can spy on.
  • Special optional kinks and fetishes that change the way the game works! Switch to furry fetish mode for a custom anthro transformation system that lets you set the anthros on the humans to turn them into anthros. (Partly implemented)!
  • About 25 dirty magazines to collect.
  • Locations with content that continually changes.
  • At least two procedurally generated orgies.
  • Customisable character description.
  • Use paws, spades, and so on to dig tunnels
  • Interactive sexual encounters with people who remember you and react to you. 
  • Friends, accomplices and companions. (currently being rebuilt to work with the new system)


Future planed features include:

  • A mad sex-themed quiz show in the Abandoned Fun Fair where the losers get dropped into an orgy (Currently Disabled – we just need to add more questions and finish the Win\loose events)
  • Random sex-based combat encounters (currently disabled)
  • A fully interactive world.
  • Background location images! (Not sex because that would spoil the game! See FAQ!)
  • Quests
  • Optional Sound?
  • Other Random encounters.
  • Potions and items with sexual effects.



39 thoughts on “-Download Bad Neverland-

    1. Hi Clay! Thanks for the heads up. I’m sorry that you seem to be having that problem with Smartscreen! If I were you I would avoid Internet Explorer as its security is very old and very random about the things it flags. It could well be that it is flagging the download just because the page uses the word ‘porn’! 😛 I promise that there isn’t a virus in there, but if you are at all worried you could try using a virus checker like McAfee or Norton to scan the zip file before you open it. At the moment we are testing an online version of the game on Yaoihaven, which is a well known and trusted website, so if you want you could check that out and see if you get the same warning. I have found it a little laggy, but it should give you an idea of what the game is like. If you aren’t willing to risk either of those, do get back to me and I’ll see what I can do.



      1. I use the new Microsoft edge browser rather than internet explorer, but I follow what you mean. And I came here through YaoiHaven, so I guess I’ll download it there for now.


    1. Yeah windows 10 as a whole has been out for a while lol. But that aside it works now, plus I sent a complaint to Microsoft about the alert in general and whatever the case I downloaded the game just fine.

      Now here’s my thoughts; granted its in beta but theres very little to do right now, I was expecting to interact more with the characters than I was able to do. Very few battles to make the walking stick worth using as a weapon too.

      The navigation is tricky since this is more strictly a text adventure game than like Corruption of Champions (which is based in Flash allowing for clickable icons) as such that will take some getting used to for me. I recommend making the choices a bit more clear since I end up having to click multiple blue-colored words to get any sort of reaction at times due to how some o the options due to this being beta aren’t implemented.


      1. Thanks for the feedback! We will be adding an update soon that makes far more of the game hyperlinked and easy to use, then we will be able to add a whole lot more combat and interactivity. If you explore a bit you might find more, like the people in the bushes at Rumpled Rock, the swimming hole, the scout in the tent, and the major quests. Some are a bit hard to find right now, but we are working on a way to improve that too! For now, checking out the walkthrough might help


  1. All the hyperlinks are busted in the new version. I started a new game and when I tried to enter the tent with the sleeping girl to give her a good fuck, the game almost crashes and opens my inventory instead.


    1. Hi there, thanks a lot for telling us! I’m really sorry you have been having problems, did you get any error messages? We have had reports of this happening randomly, but we can’t find the pattern yet so if you have any screenshots or anything like that, could you email them to BadNeverland@gmail.com


      1. Well when the game nearly crashes I get a lag error saying “Bad Neverland isn’t responding”. This happens in the YaoiHaven browser version of the game in particular, I dunno if it happens in the downloadable version. Chances are it does. The hyperlinks end up doing the wrong actions as citeed before which is the main issue but they could be connected for all I know.


      2. The lag error is probably mostly because of the internet as most players tend to find that the offline version of the game runs much smoother. The hyperlink thing is a mystery though, I’m going to have to look into it very intently before the next version comes out. Thanks again for telling us about it.


    1. Hey there! Zip files are a handy way of storing things and sending folders. All you have to do is unzip the file by right clicking on it and you will find the Glulxe file inside it. If you need any more help, just message us back!


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